Electric power systems control and operation


Electric Power Systems Control and Operation Department provides research and development services in the field of electric power systems control and operation, with an emphasis on advanced smart grid technologies, information and communication technologies usage and advanced services, approaches and tools. We are specialists in the sustainable digital transformation of the energy sector. We are helping to gradually introduce new available technologies and approaches into the electricity sector that benefit all stakeholders in the energy market.

Our experts explore the use of information and communication technologies for more efficient and reliable power systems operation. We represent a research bridge between system solution providers and transmission and distribution system operators. Our research and development activities are focused on the latest technological trends in the power systems operation and smart grid solutions.

Areas of work

  • Power Systems Operation
    • Stationary network analyses
      • Load-flow analyses
      • Network hosting capacity
      • Stationary security assessment
      • Short-circuit analyses
    • Dynamic network analyses
      • RMS and EMT stability analyses
      • Protection element performance
      • WAMS/PMU analyses
      • Dynamic performance verification
    • Integration of energy sources
      • Regulatory and grid code compliance
      • Performance validation
    • Distributed generation connection and operation studies and analysis
    • Dynamics Thermal Rating Systems studies and analyses
    • Power quality and quality of supply services
    • Power generation operation analysis and studies
    • Research and analysis of Ancillary Services area
    • Research and analysis of System Protection
    • Implementations and modernization of Control centers (SCADA, EMS, xDMS)
      • Making conceptual designs
      • Tender documentation preparation
      • Acceptance tests (FAT, SAT, SIT)
  • Smart Power Grids
    • Smart Grids concepts
    • ICT and Power Systems research for development Smart Grid solutions
    • Research and support in the development of regulatory bases and regulations
    • Design and project management of demonstration and pilot projects
    • Design and collaboration in international and EU projects
    • Information and communication technologies
      • Semantic technologies and data modeling to achieve data interoperability in modern power systems (Common Information Model - CIM)
      • Advising technology providers to upgrade existing systems with CIM information exchange functionality
      • Development of use cases needed for the development of technological solutions also as the introduction of new business processes in smart grids in accordance with the IEC 62559-2 standard
      • Development of modern reference models and ICT architectures
      • Seamless integration of IT and OT systems in the electricity sector
      • Consulting on upgrading existing systems with communication functionality with newly introduced modern ICT platforms in smart grids (e.g. Ecco SP)
      • Software conceptual design
    • Introduction of information and communication technologies
    • Advanced energy metering systems
      • Preparation of Roll-Out plans of the metering systems
      • Preparation of tender documentation
      • Acceptance tests (FAT, SAT, SIT)
      • Making conceptual designs and modernization
      • Analysis and development of new concepts
    • Data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Research and design of the solutions for data collection, management and visualization
    • Development of computer models and algorithms
    • Education in the field of semantic modeling tailored to the individual client needs
  • Lightning Localization System SCALAR and Services
    • Lightning Localization services
      • Real-time access to real-time lightning data
      • Access to archive of lightning data
      • Flash Alarm service
    • Real-time correlator of power lines outage due to lightning
    • Composite radar rainfall data and lightning
    • Risk management of lightning protection (EN 62305 part 2)
    • Development of new related services
    • Analytical services
      • Determining the level of exposure to atmospheric discharges
      • Calculation of flash density
      • Probability calculation of lightning amplitudes
    • LLS SCALAR services integration into TSO or DSO operational process
      • Data Exchange with SCADA systems
      • Data Exchange with GIS systems
      • Integration of lightning data into OT systems
      • CIM, XML interfaces
  • Other service
    • Business models development
    • Education, seminars, webinars
    • Expert opinions
    • Feasibility studies
    • Benchmarking analysis
    • Economic analysis


Head of department

M. Sc., Igor Podbelšek
Phone: +386 1 474 37 40

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