Department for environmental impacts of electric power facilities


The activities of the Environmental impacts of electric power facilities are divided into three main groups: R&D activities, implementation and professional assessments, and opinions on electric power facilities.

Areas of Work

The basic activity of the department is resolving problems in the field of impacts of electric power facilities on nearby structures and the environment. Its work focuses on research of individual problems related to the impacts and protection, as well as to the applicative activity, where research findings are used in everyday life. The department performs its work with appropriate tools, instruments and mobile laboratories. The department operates in the following areas:

  • earthing,
  • short circuits and protection,
  • electromagnetic radiation (EMR),
  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC),
  • voltage quality,
  • noise,
  • corrosion of grounding systems,
  • illumination of electric power structures and light pollution of the environment,
  • inductive impacts of electric power system devices on other systems in the environment,
  • expert evaluations and opinions for the needs of clients,
  • collaboration in assuring legal demands in the construction of electric power facilities,
  • occupational safety.


  • Measurements of earthing system resistance,
  • touch voltage measurements,
  • potential distribution measurements,
  • galvanic connections measurements,
  • lightning conductors measurements,
  • electrical installations measurements,
  • specific resistance measurements.
  • Measurements of electrical and magnetic fields (by the authorisation of the ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and the Ministry of Health)
  • Measurements of transient overvoltages in secondary circuits of power facilities
  • Voltage quality measurements
  • Measurements of noise caused by electric power facilities operation
  • Measurements of corrosion parameters,
  • measurements of direct leakage currents of railway traction.
  • Measurements of light pollution




PHONE: +386 1 474 37 11

Head of department

Ph. D., Primoz Hrobat
Telefon: +386 1 474 37 10

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