We have developed a reactive power compensation system

22, Jun, 2022

The EIMV has developed the reactive power compensation system, intended for electric power plants and the industry in general. A special feature of the system is the thyristor switching of the capacitor stages, which greatly reduces the transients of the stage switching and increases the responsiveness of the system. The system has 5 compensation stages; the basic stage that compensates for the most of reactive power of the asynchronous generator, and four regulation stages. The control stages are graded (6.5 kvar, 13 kvar, 26.5 kvar and 53 kvar) and are sized for the power plant configuration. Dual gradation of compensation stages enables a very accurate regulation of reactive power despite a relatively small number of stages (16 possible combinations). The compensation system is very fast, since it enables the switching of one operational situation from one extreme to the other, theoretically in 10 ms, and practically in one second due to regulator settings, which makes it simple to use and steer. It can operate by communicating with the main power plant controller or without communication. The compensation is filter-type, the resonance frequency is set to 189 Hz. The regulator that includes compensation stages, has been developed by the EIMV and enables different operational and regulation situations (regulation of voltage, regulation of reactive power, regulation of cos(fi)).
The reactive power compensation system is the result of the knowledge and work of engineers of the High Voltage and Power Plants Department, which together with the engineering support offers clients an optimised and calibrated system for a facility in question.

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