Project services abroad in the field of high-voltage engineering and cable systems

13, Jul, 2022

Experts from the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute (EIMV) have carried out two projects in Poland to test high-voltage equipment and are in the process of expanding to other countries.

In early May, they carried out a high-voltage test and reference measurements with diagnostics on two 220 kV systems.

  • The two systems are 4.1 km long and are the longest transmission cable systems in Poland.
  • The systems connect the Warsaw Żerań CHP plant with the Polish transmission system.

At the end of May, a high-voltage elevated test and reference diagnostic measurements were carried out on two 1 km long 220 kV underground cable systems.

  • The systems are connected by two transmission line pylons in a part of Kraków where it is not possible to install an overhead transmission line.

EIMV representatives are discussing three new projects with a Polish partner:

  • Testing a 400 kV cable system in northern Poland
  • Testing a 220 kV cable system in the Poland-Germany-Czech Republic triangle
  • Testing a 220 kV cable system in central Poland

The successful completion of the projects and the references obtained have led to discussions with a potential foreign partner for work in Southern Europe, and the possibility of expansion into Central and Northern Europe is also opening up.

The EIMV team for such projects comes from the High Voltage Laboratory, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

EIMV's activities were presented by Simon Podkoritnik, Senior Researcher at EIMV.

Excerpt from an article published in Finance (July 2022)

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