Project OneNet - One Network for Europe

07, Dec, 2020

The new European H2020 OneNet (One Network for Europe) project, including the EIMV and other 72 partners from 21 countries, will search for solutions and bases for a coordinated cross-border operation of system operator services in the area of transmission and distribution grids by establishing new flexibility markets. Joint work of consortium partners enables the integration of all key stakeholders of the electric power grid in a common European system to establish the conditions that enable a comprehensive optimisation of operations and exploitation of mutual connections.

The key project elements are: the determination of the joint concept of the European electric power market, the determination of joint IT architecture and IT interfaces between various trading platforms and extensive demonstrators for the implementation and presentation of expandable solutions, developed within the scope of the project.

The EIMV will contribute to the development of the open IT architecture for OneNet, to the achievement of data and services interoperability between the electric power market stakeholders while developing the interoperable network of platform as well as the integral market platform within the demonstration part of the project.
The project will last 3 years, i.e. from October 2020 to September 2023.


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