Physical-Chemical Transformer Diagnostics Department

23, Jun, 2021

20 years ago, the Physical-Chemical Transformer Diagnostics Department at the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute received an internationally recognised accreditation certificate for operations in accordance with IEC 17025 standard by the Dutch RvA accreditation company (Raad vor Accreditatie), a member of the European Accreditation. By acquiring the accreditation, the laboratory's quality system was formally approved, thus ensuring constant and appropriate quality of all laboratory services.

Regular annual confirmation of qualification is necessary for the preservation of accreditation, and cooperation in international comparative tests (RRT – Round Robin Test) is one of the important elements proving our accreditation.

Since 2011, the laboratory has cooperated in several RRTs every year, organised by the Institute for Interlaboratory Studies (iis), Netherlands, which has been accredited in accordance with the IEC 17043 standard for organising international RRT. In these RRTs, around 50 laboratories from over 30 countries of the world implement comparative standard physical and chemical as well as dielectric tests on equal iis samples. In the past and also in 2020, we received many certificates of excellence on the basis of excellent results achieved at RRTs for all our test methods. The clients of our analyses for physical and chemical diagnostics of transformers in Slovenia and abroad also trust our work on the basis of these achievements.

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