EIMV co-creates a safe and reliable operation of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant

02, Apr, 2024

This year, EIMV is also the coordinator of the authorized organizations for radiation and nuclear safety for the preparation of the Consolidated Expert Assessment of maintenance works, interventions, and tests during the NEK shutdown and fuel replacement during the maintenance in NEK. The regular maintenance of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant commenced this year on April 1, 2024, and is expected to last until May 1, 2024. The maintenance is an exceptionally labor-intensive and logistically demanding period due to the scope and complexity of the works and the number of contractors. During the regular shutdown of the power plant, EIMV will monitor and evaluate the work on electrical systems and components. Our experts, with their specific knowledge, have been involved in many activities of the nuclear power plant since the construction of NEK, which this year marks 40 years from the permission to start regular operation. From the construction of the power plant to the present day, the cooperation of EIMV with NEK can be divided into cooperation during the regular operation of NEK (an 18-month fuel cycle) and cooperation during the regular shutdown of the power plant (maintenance).

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