Consultation with the Slovenian President about Slovenia’s energy future

09, Nov, 2021

On 5 November 2021, the Director of Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, Dr Boris Žitnik, attended the consultation on Slovenia’s energy future upon the invitation of the Slovenian President, held at the presidential palace. Together with other invited guests, the consultation focused on what kind of energy supply is most appropriate for Slovenia, what should be done now for Slovenia to be prepared for the future and special attention was dedicated to renewable resources of energy and nuclear power.

Dr Žitnik emphasised that concentrated resources will remain necessary in the electric power system for quite some time. Energy resources should be guaranteed not only through renewable resources but investments should be made in the existing resources. New technologies should be developed and tested in near future so that we can start using them and that they will implement their role in the electric power system. He said that electricity as such enables the current way of life. And that also tomorrow everything will depend on electric power, which should be produced appropriately and supplied to consumers, at the same time, it should be environmentally sustainable and economically feasible. Transition to green transformation does not mean that we are altering the energy sector, transport or heating, but we need to try and change the way of thinking of the entire society and its habits. The electric power sector should collaborate with all stakeholders in the society to achieve synergy effects.

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