Common Information Model (CIM) in Smart Energy Grids

22, Feb, 2021

The importance of connecting the existing information systems in energy networks with the information exchange functionality according to the CIM model was presented by Prof. Dr. Nermin Suljanović, Senior Advisor at the EIMV, at the conference organised by the ITU Istanbul Technical University. The process of power system digitalisation and transition to smart grids requires transmission and distribution system operators to change the traditional asset-centric paradigm to data-centric paradigm. In this process, different systems and entities need to exchange information while they use different data models and formats to store this information. The Common Information Model (CIM) represents a common ontology that enables semantic and syntactic data interoperability in a standardised way. At the conference, Prof. Suljanović presented the basic principles of the CIM model and standards ensuring an effective integration of the CIM model in electric power systems. The achievement of data interoperability with the application of the CIM model has a long-term affect on the cost-effective digitalisation of modern energy infrastructure.

The experience and knowledge of Prof. Suljanović in advanced ICT architecture are the result of long-term research of his professional team.

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