CIGRE 2021 - electric power symposium

27, Nov, 2021

This year’s CIGRE symposium was held from 21 to 24 November in Slovenian capital and focused on the 100th anniversary of its foundation. This year’s organisation of this festive event was entrusted with the Slovenian national association, which is quite a compliment for the Slovenian electric power sector, which has for several years actively cooperated in the resolution of current issue in the electric power development and enjoys great reputation in international professional sphere.

The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute cooperated as associated sponsor. Our electrotechnical researchers cooperated at the organisation of the event and based on networking with participants from all over the world shared and acquired new knowledge in modern electric power sector, digitalisation and “green” energy transformation:

Aleksandar Momirovski’s presentation focused on the possibilities of including the new Krško 2 nuclear power plant in the electric power distribution system and its impact on the operation of the system in Slovenia. Tim Gradnik presented his tutorial about monitoring transformer isolation with capacitance sensors.

Besides presenting papers, the conference also featured work within the scope of various professional bodies. As the secretary of the study committee for cable lines, Simon Podkoritnik cooperated in the management of the section, moderated the tutorial for cable lines and as reporter represented the cable lines division at the final meeting of all study committees.

The “Fellow Member” award was granted to Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder for over 50-year-long membership and work at the CIGRE Association.

Tim Gradnik and his colleague Leon Maruša also contributed to the planning and IT coordination of the hybrid symposium realisation.

Through active cooperation of experts, the EIMV contributes to tackling challenges, set by the energy transformation.

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