75 years of EIMV development and progress

01, Jun, 2023

On 1 June 1948, the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, Slovenia's leading engineering and scientific research organisation in the field of electrical and general power engineering, was formally founded. Its founder, Prof. Dr. Milan Vidmar, who saw very early that the development of the technologically demanding electric power system will require close cooperation of top experts under one roof. He was a contemporary of Nikola Tesla and recognised early on the power and attractiveness of mechanical energy converted into electricity. And this is where our story begins...

The history of the EIMV is extremely important and so is the future. We have issued many research studies, expert reports, ecological, chemical, physical and other analyses. We constantly invest the knowledge and experience that we have acquired in more than seven decades in the development of the electric power industry and in the energy future. We have preserved the primary fields of activities and we are also searching for challenges and opportunities in technological progress. All this could not be possible without specialised experts who were of vital importance at the foundation of our institute and who, by transferring and acquiring knowledge, remain the main pillar of the institute.

Focused on electricity, we are reliable partners to the electricity system and industry, as well as to the wider natural and social environment. That's why our story is unique and has lasted for 75 years.

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