60 years of testing high voltage capacity ... creativity

19, Dec, 2022

On Thursday, 1 December 2022 the High Voltage Laboratory celebrated 60 years of establishment, development and success of its work in the high voltage technology area. The importance of the High Voltage Laboratory was particularly emphasised by our founder, academician Prof. Dr. Milan Vidmar, when he founded the EIMV in 1948, whose name today bears the name of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, Slovenia's leading engineering and scientific research organisation in the field of power engineering.

Dr Milan Vidmar played a very important role in the conceptual development of the modern transformer as an element of the power system and without whom it is impossible to imagine the current dimensions of the use of alternating current. On this occasion, we remembered another great electrical engineer of all times, Nikola Tesla, with the music-theatre performance Tesla by Slovenian accordionist, producer and composer Janez Dovč, who boasts more than 1200 discoveries and inventions that can be found in every modern electrical device.

 On the occasion of the event, a video for the song The Inventor (feat. Tesla) by Janez Dovč, which you can watch HERE.

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