10th Elektrofest Science Festival

14, Sep, 2022

On Friday, 9 September, the 10th Elektrofest took place. Four electrical institutions – the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute (EIMV), the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana (FE UL) and the companies ELES and GEN energija – once again held energy literacy workshops for young people. Four "electric power stations" were set up to present secondary technology school students our activities.
At EIMV, we introduced and described the High Voltage Laboratory, which is celebrating 60 years of operation this year, to curious high school students. Vojta Vuga from the High Voltage and Power Plants Department introduced the students to high DC, AC and surge voltage sources, surge current sources and modern high voltage measurement and diagnostic equipment. The capacity of resources at our High Voltage Laboratory enables the implementation of standard dielectric tests of all high voltage levels.
The lecture by Klemen Jevnikar from the Electric Power System Control and Operation Department on atmospheric discharges and the system for automatic localisation of atmospheric discharges – SCALAR, attracted a lot of interest from the students, who learned more about the phenomenon of lightning, which is quite common at this time of the year. They can now understand quite literally, what the saying "as fast as lightning” means.

 We look forward to meeting the next generation of young people next year.

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