Höfler's days 2018

The 13th international symposium "Höfler's Days" will be held this year from 22 to 23 October at the Bernardin Grand Hotel in Portorož. The main topic of the symposium will focus on the endangerment of electric power devices by lightning in relation to the mass usage of power electronics.

We invite experts to collaborate with their professional papers, exhibitors and sponsors who will actively participate and enrich this traditional event.

Additional information:

in connection to the registration: pija.hlede@eimv.si and bojana.vicozi@eimv.si
for authors: maks.babuder@eimv.si, mladen.iglic@eimv.si and miha.becan@eimv.si
for exhibitors and sponsors: karmen.rozman@eimv.si