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For authors:
dr. Stane Vizintin
T: +386 (0)1 474 36 20
F: +386 (0)1 252 13 59
For participants:
Pija Hlede
T: +386 (0)1 474 36 13
F: +386 (0)1 425 33 26
For Sponsors:
Karmen Rozman
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Höfler’s Days, the 12th International Symposium on High-Voltage Technology, will be held on 12 and 13 November  2015 at the Grand Hotel Bernardin in Portorož.

The Symposium will focus on:

We invite experts to participate and share with us their professional experiences by presenting and discussing scientific papers. We invite exhibitors and sponsors to join the symposium and to actively participate and enrich this traditional event.
The following topics represent the core of the symposium:

- Demanding operation of the electric power system accommodating a high share of renewable sources
- Reactive power compensation and measures for maintaining the voltage profile of the HV network
- HVDC electrical power transmission and related special technological features
- Information technologies for the electric power system
- Techniques for reducing the environmental impact of the HV lines and stations
We kindly invite you to dedicate some of your time and join us at the 2015 Portorož Symposium.

Professional Basis:

Secretary and technical support
dr. Boris Žitnik (Mr.)

prof. dr. Maks Babuder (Mr.)
dr. Stane Vižintin (Mr.)
Miha Bečan (Mr.)
Mladen Iglič (Mr.)

Pija Hlede (Mrs.)
Karmen Rozman (Mrs.)
Important dates:
For authors:
- Submission of title and abstract of the paper by 16 October 2015
- Submission of the entire paper by 30 October 2015

For participants:
- Registration for the consult by 6 November 2015
- Hotel reservation by 6 November 2015
The topics addressed by the former symposia are:
  1. Effects of electric power fields in high-voltage plants and facilities and along OHL on humans, Ljubljana, November 1981
  2. High-voltage technique, Ljubljana, November 1984
  3. High-voltage measuring technique; Overvoltages in electric power systems; Overvoltage protection of electric power plants and facilities; High-voltage insulation systems, Ljubljana, November 1987
  4. A day of Edvard Höfler at the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Institute, Ljubljana, November 1990
  5.  Diagnostics of high-voltage insulation systems, Portorož, April 1996
  6. Insulation co-ordination in high-voltage equipment, Portorož, October 1999
  7. Maintenance of high-voltage plants and facilities supported by modern diagnostics under conditions of the open electricity market, Portorož, November 2002
  8. Reliability of HV insulation and its residual life time assessed from the perspective of EPS risk management
  9. Methods and Procedures of Maintenance and Assessment of the State and Rate of Ageing of High-voltage Insulation, Portorož, November 2008
  10. High-voltage equipment and facilities in view of environmental impacts and operational reliability, Portorož, November 2010
  11. Technological issues and challenges of a modern electrical network, Portorož, 2013