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Diagnostic and analytics centre in ELES
Polajner, Tomažič, Praznik

Transient voltage profile in high voltage grids in Austria
Pack, Plesch

Leveling the production from renewable resources
Bregar, Valenčič

Analysis of transient recovery voltage on SF6 circuit breakers when switching unloaded 400 kV transmission lines – comparison between EMTP-RV simulations and on-site measurements
Filipović-Grčić, Uglešić, Bojić

Testing of the industrial controller of the Static Var Compensator using the real-time digital simulator
Božiček, Herman, Blažič, Papič

Investigations on a combined instrument transformer under several operation conditions
Walch, Woschitz

Method to evaluate the live time extension of medium voltage cables
Pirker, Woschitz, Steuerer, Hesse

Voltage and reactive power control for maximum utilization of a GW-size EHVAC offshore wind farm interconnection

Off-Line PD Tests for Quality Assessment of Insulation of AC Rotating Machines
Contin, Piccolo

The use of synchronous machines for reactive power compensation in the grid

Specific features of the variable shunt reactor technology
Babuder, Hrast, Polajner, Majcen

Dielectric strength depending on different parameters and corresponding insulating air distances
Vižintin, Žitnik, Vertačnik

Development and role of on-line monitoring systems in transformer condition assessment

The flexibility of operations and the requirements of the grid for existing and new nuclear power plants
Kurnik, Špiler

Overvoltages in 110 kV Cable in cases of Cable-OHL and Cable-GIS connection
Iglič, Žitnik, Ferlič

Use of various measures for reduction of over-voltages regarding the operation of 2x400 kV barrel shaped OTL and equipment testing during the preliminary design
Podkoritnik, Bečan, Barl

Investment plan of the electrical energy transmission system operator
Urankar, Jamšek, Dragaš, Marinšek

Technical solutions for implementation of surge arresters on 110 kV OTL
Bečan, Podkoritnik, Volk

The 'Wire Explosion' experiment as a demonstration of utilising electrical energy from natural phenomena in the atmosphere
Djurica, Kosinac

Options for reduction of electromagnetic fields in high-voltage facility environment
Cestnik, Grabner

The importance of managing environmental risks in asset management
Majkić, Vončina