The Institute operates in electric power engineering and general energy services. Its major future tasks both in Slovenia and the broader European area are:

  • the analysis and synthesis of the system and technological development of the electric power system,
  • development of methods and tools for system technical and economic analyses of electricity generation, transmission and distribution,
  • research in electric power system environmental effects and professional support to co-ordination of the electric power system development in the light of environmental protection,
  • developmental and applied research in technological modernisation of the electric power system,
  • co-operation with industry in development of new equipment and materials, in particular in the area of high-voltage engineering, as well as development of the related diagnostic methods,
  • technical assessment of functionality, reliability and safety of electric power equipment and facilities consistently pursuing the target of having their reliability level raised,
  • participation in pedagogical processes to train specialised personnel within the frame of graduate and post-graduate studies,
  • promotion of the profession through active participation in professional organisations (CIGRÉ/CIRED, IEEE, IEC, VGB and WEC),
  • professional support in implementation of national technical and safety rules and regulations, and
  • participation in setting-up the national energy program based on quantitative technical and economic analyses.

The Institute's commitment for the future is to continue, with the same enthusiasm and vigour as demonstrated so far, accomplishing the mission of the first visionary in the development of the Slovenian electric power supply sector, Prof. Dr. Milan Vidmar.