The Institute has so far made and documented over 2360 researches and released an even greater number of expertises, measurement and testing reports, and certificates of conformity.

Ever since its foundation, the Institute has been organising periodic lectures, panel discussions, seminars, consultations, conferences and similar professional conventions attended by home and foreign experts. In this way the Institute contributes its share to the efficient advancement of the profession and the Slovenian electricity supply industry.

The Institute collaborates with several world-wide recognised professional organisations such as CIGRE, WEC, IEEE, IEC, IAEA, VGB, CIRED and FORATOM. It maintains regular and close contacts with similar research and economic organisations in Slovenia and elsewhere in the world.

The everlasting mission of the Institute's employees was determined by Prof. Dr. Milan Vidmar in his book "Power Transformation and Transmission", published in 1945, where he wrote: "An Engineer should above all be a human being. If he has not yet reached this stage, he should make an effort to arrive to it. He should therefore search in solving of his problems for beauty as well as truth, and in the transitoriness of his life work he should aspire to what is eternal..."