The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute is the leading Slovenian engineering and scientific-research institution in the area of electric power engineering and general energy and it is committed to solving issues of generation, transmission and distribution systems which it approaches both from the economical and technological perspective. The Institute implements feasibility and implementation studies, expert reports, technological, environmental protection and other types of analyses and monitors the quality and operation of electric-power systems and equipment. Its services are offered to power-generation, transmission and distribution utilities, electricity-generation industry, ministries, state and regional bodies as well as to several other partners from local administrations and industries. The aims of the Institute's Quality Management Systems are:

  • to retain the current status of the leading Slovenian engineering and scientific-research institution in the area of power engineering and general energy capable of satisfying the requirements of the European market,
  • to adapt to the needs of its clients by considering the compliance with applicable European legislation, technical standards as well as rules and regulations. In the pursuit of this aim, the Institute closely follows the standards and rules to properly implement its work and tasks,
  • to train personnel and assure the conditions enabling them to improve the quality of their work,
  • to establish a triple-fold partnership between the Institute's clients, management and personnel, thus enabling the optimal satisfaction and creativity of each partner.

By introducing an Environmental Management System, the Institute’s undertakes:

  • that the environmental policy is consistent with the established Environmental Management System,
  • to consider all mandatory legal requirements in connection with the environmental aspects in the implementation of its and other requirements,
  • to constantly improve and prevent pollution,
  • to qualify and raise awareness among the employees with established procedures for environmental management,
  • to carry out environmental objectives and targets.

By adopting the Quality and Environmental Management System, the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute has committed itself to meeting the ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004, 10CFR50, Appendix B specifications and to constant improvement of efficiency of its quality and environmental management. The Institute's Quality and Environmental Policy serves as a platform on which decisions are taken and the implementation of the set targets is pursued. At least once a year the current situation is reviewed and if important changes are detected in the market, the Quality and Environmental Policy is redefined to assure meeting new demands and to determine new objectives. The Institute's intranet is a tool that provides information to personnel regarding the Quality and Environmental Policy. The established triple-fold partnership enables them to propose and implement any needed changes or additions. The Institute's clients and partners can view and access the Institute's Quality Policy by visiting its website or at the Institute’s departments as well as at the Director’s office.

Ljubljana, 26 May 2014
Director: Boris Žitnik, Ph.D. E. E.