Webinar - How to become a data-driven utility

Sep, 2020

We have organized the first webinar »AI in Energy Industry«, which has attracted more than 100 participants.

There were 4 presentations at the beginning, where our researcher Miha Grabner presented the AI implementation strategy in electrical energy industry in Slovenia, which was carried out as a part of the National Smart Grid Program. In this document, major pilot projects between 2021 and 2030 related to AI in Smart Grids were identified and presented.

In general, AI in electrical energy consists of usage in the scope of operation and planning and asset management. Whereas lately, there is also increasing research in using reinforcement learning for Smart Grid operation together with intelligent assistants.

There was also a round table lead by Miha Grabner in the second part of the webinar, where the discussion was about » How to become a data-driven utility«. Panelists were: dr. Uroš Kerin (ELES), Tadej Šinkovec (Elektro Ljubljana), dr. Gašper Artač (Petrol), Leon Maruša (Elektro Celje) in dr. Boris Cergol (Comtrade Digital Services).

Major conclusions of the round table are as follows: AI will play a crucial role in the scope of optimal operation of future smart grids and AI will also be important for the implementation of ADMS systems in distribution companies.

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