The visit of young researchers from Spodnja Šiška Elementary School

Feb, 2018

Two young researchers from Spodnja Šiška Elementary School, Matic and Urban (8th grade) visited us today with their mentors. Matic and Urban are preparing a research paper and will collaborate at the national meeting of young researchers. The purpose of their research is to establish to what extent a lightning conductor prevents damage caused by lightning strike in a building.

Together with their mentors (and with the help of our engineers), they used our High Voltage Laboratory to perform practical tests involving a simulation of a lightning strike in the model of their school.

We asked Matic and Urban, what motivates them and what experience they have gained during their research work. According to their words, they have gained a lot of self-confidence, acquired a lot of knowledge and discovered the laws of physics, natural phenomena, as well as they have broadened their horizons.

We look forward to their success.

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