The promotion of energy literacy among secondary school students – Elektrofest

Sep, 2018

For the seventh year in a row, we will prepare four "electric power" stations under the RADIATION topic to present it to secondary school students. The event that will take place on 14 September will be organised in cooperation with ELES, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana and GEN energija company.

EIMV will present its station at the high voltage laboratory, where the presentation will focus on low frequency electromagnetic fields in the natural and living environments. The experts will demonstrate the measurements of electric and magnetic fields of grid frequency at various voltage and current values. ELES company's station will host experts from the Energy Literacy Promotion Association EN-LITE. A professional lecture will be presented to students, where the myths about radiation will be busted in an interesting and interactive manner. GEN energija company will present various physical features of radiation at interactive workshops. Students will learn about the impacts of electromagnetic radiation on health at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

 Within the scope of the event, an official opening of Elektrofest will be held at Hajdrihova 2. The visitors will be addressed by Dr Primož Hrobat, the Head of the Electric Power Plants and Facilities Environmental Effects Department, mag. Uroš Salobir, director of Strategic Innovation at ELES, and Prof. Dr. Gregor Dolinar, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana

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