The new EURATOM research project focuses on radon and NORM

Oct, 2020

Radon is a natural radioactive colourless and odourless gas. It accumulates indoors and can cause cancer. It is estimated that every tenth lung cancer is caused by radon or its breakdown products. Thus, the European Commission has within the scope of the EURATOM Horizon 2020 programme supported the new RadoNorm research project, which aims to reduce scientific, technical and societal uncertainties in all stages of the management of radioactive risk caused by radon and naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM).
The five-year RadoNorm Project, which started in September 2020, will enhance the protection against radiation by:
– initiating multidisciplinary, innovative and integrative research and technical activities,
– integrating education and training (E&T) in all research and development activities;
– disseminating the project achievements through targeted actions to the public, stakeholders and regulators.
The project includes 56 partners from 20 EU members, Norway, Switzerland and Ukraine. The EIMV is the only Slovenian institution cooperating in the project. Please find more information on website of the RadoNorm Project.

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