The EIMV hosted the SITEX.Network association

Nov, 2019

From 19 to 21 November, the EIMV hosted the SITEX.Network association which held its regular annual assembly, where we adopted certain projects and activities that will be carried out in the following period, and we also adopted the financial plan. Two projects are especially interesting: the first one is intended to comparing the approaches of revising technical documentation for radioactive waste disposal sites, the second one focuses on the analysis of disposing highly radioactive waste into deep boreholes, which represents an alternative to geological disposal sites. The association will carry out training in three parts, entitled “Professional revision of safety documentation for radioactive waste disposal sites”, intended to representatives of administrative authorities and authorised entities.

 The participants of the workshop entitled “Radioactive Waste Management” spoke about the roles of administration bodies in radioactive waste management, related unrealiabilities and approaches to eliminate them. Participants from 10 countries tried to find answers to challenges met in all countries, because radioactive waste disposal site brings quite a lot of public resilience besides technical challenges.

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