Slovenia, a land of lightning strikes

Aug, 2019

There have been many thunders and lightning strikes in Slovenia in the past few months. Our SCALAR system team which is currently managing lightning strikes statistics, has noted more than 54,000 lightning strikes in just one weekend. There were 6,850 lightning strikes just on a Saturday evening in Slovenia. Most of them were recorded on the coast and Banjška planota plateau, as well as around Novo mesto. The most exposed areas include Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe, Pohorje, Julian Alps and the coastal region. There were many strikes at the peaks of mountains: Nanos, Kum, Plešivec, Krvavec and Trdinov vrh.

SCALAR operators explained that the exact location of a lighning strike is very hard to predict because it is actually an electrical phenomenon that searches for its route along the minimum resistance line.
Read more about this natural phenomenon and prevetion by clicking the following link.

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