SITEX Network Activities in 2019

Apr, 2019

SITEX, a Community framework for the responsible and safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste, which also incorporates the EIMV, has adopted the activities programme for 2019. The programme encompasses several sets:

  • the review, comparison and exchange of approaches on producing expert opinions in the field of radioactive waste management,
  • the review of current knowledge about deep borehole disposal sites, which is presented as an alternative to a geological waste disposal site,
  • the execution of a one-day workshop on collaboration between authorised organisations and the civil society, and two-day training about potential scenarios for a radioactive waste disposal site,
  • the preparation of training in three modules on expert review of safety documentation for radiactive waste deposit site and the execution of the first module.

The SITEX network has been invited to present its activities at the international EURADWASTE conference in June 2019 in Pitesti, Romania, where the European Commission will commence its EURAD programme that also incorporates EIMV.

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