PIES 2010, Slovenia

Oct, 2010

PIES 2010

Between November 24 – 26, 2010, a Congress was held at Fiesa, Slovenia, organised by the Slovenian IT Professionals acting in the field of Electric Power Engineering, i.e. 2010 PIES (www.pies.si). The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute of Ljubljana organised for this event a Section addressing the field of Smart Grids. The introductory lecture to the Congress, which was presided by the Institute’s associate Andrej Souvent, was delivered by Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder. Within the frame of the Section, a Panel Discussion was organised on Interoperability of Information Systems in Smart Grids. The Institute’s associate, Dr. Janko Kosmač, presented his views on the topic. The Panel Discussion was moderated by Andrej Souvent.

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