Let's be faster than lightning

Jul, 2019

Lightning strikes that are quite common this summer occur at storms and can be very dangerous for people and devices. This is a natural electric phenomenon composed of a flash and thunder, and it evolves in steps. It is recommended to prepare for a storm before it hits us.

What do we have to do, if we are caught by the storm:
⚠️  It is safest to be inside a closed building with an appropriate lightning protection. – Semi-open buildings such as booths, projecting roofs and similar are not safe. – A car protects us against lightning strikes only if we do not touch its metal parts.
⚠️  Elecetric devices should not be switched off during a storm, but, if possible, we should switch them off before the storm hits us.
⚠️  We should not touch any cables nor did use wire telephones. Using mobile phones during a storm is not dangerous.
⚠️  We should keep away from windows and metal objects.
⚠️  We should not pour any water during the storm, because when lightning strikes, electric current can also travel on water. Do not wash hands, shower or wash dishes during a storm.
⚠️  Outdoors, where we cannot hide to a safe spot, we can reduce the danger of a lightning strike in several ways:
⚠️  Do not stay at high places such as mountain peaks and ridges. Do not stay near high trees or overhangs. Keep away from any water surface.
⚠️ Keep away from any metal items such as hiking poles or umbrellas.
⚠️  Try to find a dry spot. Run into a lodge, building with lightning protection or a car.
⚠️  Do not touch metal objects or stay under them.
⚠️  If the storm hits you outdoors and you cannot find any shelter, remove any metal objects such as hiking poles or umbrellas, bend down and keep your legs together.
⚠️  It is very important that you are in the lowest possible position and touch the floor with the minimum surface of your body. Do not lay on the ground.
⚠️  When the storm is over, stay at the shelter for at least 30 minutes.
⚠️  Carefully follow the weather forecast and any potential warnings of the environment agency.

The intensity of lightning strikes in Slovenia can be monitored with our ➡️ 24-hour animation.

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