Keep safe during a storm

Aug, 2019

Our researcher Goran Milev warns:
⚠️ It is best to stay at least 50 metres from high objects such as trees.
⚠️ Keep in a closed building with lightning protection.
⚠️ Do not hide besides the building, under a projecting roof or on a terrace without any iron construction.
⚠️ It is not recommended to shower or be in contact with electronic devices during a storm.
⚠️ When camping, it is safest to run into closed buildings such as the sanitary area; however, the wind and fallen trees can present an even greater danger than lightning strikes.
⚠️ Bathing in lakes, rivers and in the sea during storms is not recommended, because the vicinity of water causes a voltage funnel that can also reach bathers.
⚠️ What about phones and when we have to dispose of them? "It is not recommended to use a wired telephone during a storm, but do not dispose of a mobile phone, because it does not attract lightning strike, you can even use it during a storm," said Goran Milev.
⚠️ And why is safest being in a car and what about switching off electrical devices such as the fridge ➡️click here.

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 Goran Milev is the head of the Scalar System. The Scalar System has been functioning at the EIMV for more than 20 years and has detected lightnings with sensors for automatic localisation of atmospheric discharges that are installed in Slovenia and the western Balkans.

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