INMR World Congress 2015

Oct, 2015

INMR World Congress 2015

Celebrating the 20th anniversary, the 12th INMR World Congress took place in Munich from 19 to 21 October.

More than 125 papers were presented. The main topics were:

  • Technical improvements of isolators for overhead lines and isolators for switching stations

  • Future needs in planning overhead lines for optimising the appearance and costs

  • Technical improvements of design and the application of cable clamps and terminals for MV and HV cables

  • Trends and new technologies for energetic non-linear resistance

  • Operating experience in the use of surge arresters and their monitoring

  • Changes of requirements of insulation materials with the transition with AC to HV and very high voltage of the DC application

  • Experience and acquired knowledge in the insulator design for deserts and other extreme environmental conditions

  • Experience acquired at HV bushing condition monitoring technologies

  • Insulator design for optimising HV DC and very high voltage application

  • Improved methodologies for the review and maintenance of insulation of overhead lines and switching stations

62 producers of electrical equipment presented their products (insulators, bushings, arresters), as well as machinery and materials for their production as well as high voltage laboratories for their testing.

The congress offers a unique opportunity to merge experts, producers and users of insulators, arresters and cable terminations. It was also attended by the representatives of Slovenian companies Izoelektro d.o.o. and Solvera Lynx d.d. 

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