Höfler's Days 2018

Oct, 2018

The 13th international symposium Hofler's Days that was held from 22 to 23 October 2018 in Portorož, attracted more than 130 electric power experts, confirming that this is a highly recognised international consultation. As the director Dr. Boris Žitnik said at the beginning, we continue with our tradition. As at all consultations about high voltage technology so far, the first being in 1972, this year's main objective and purpose was to present and exchange experience with modern innovative technical solutions in the field of high voltage devices and systems. The electric power sector is experiencing a real evolution: digitalisation, decarbonisation decentralisation, the dispersion of electric power production, the launch of information and communications technologies, the implementation of advanced measuring systems, electrification of transport and heating, virtual power plants, electric power storage. Similar developments are happening in high voltage technology, where the DC transmission technology, the use of power electronics devices, cable technology, the introduction of new materials and diagnostics connected to new technologies, are evolving. Two-day programme with expert discussions was enriched with the performance of Tinkara Kovač. We would like to thank all authors, sponsors and participants who contributed to the implementation of the symposium.


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