European Lightning Detection Workshop (ELDW) 2017

Oct, 2017

European Lightning Detection Workshop (ELDW) 2017

The European Lightning Detection Workshop (ELDW) held place from 17 to 20 October in Belgrade with the support of the Mihajlo Pupin Institute. We have been selling the SCALAR system services on the Serbian market in collaboration with the Mihajlo Pupin Institute for 2 years. We also cooperate with the Serbian transmission operator, EMS Serbia.

At the workshop, our associates presented the following papers: "Livestock protection against lightning strike” (Vladimir Djurica”, "Usage of LLS Data for Operation, Design and Protection of Electric Power Networks" (Miha Bečan), "Use of the SCALAR system lightning data for rehabilitation of the earthing of the power line towers" (Primož Hrobat), and "Implementation of SCALAR services in TSO EMS" (Goran Milev).

The EUCLID association meeting was also organised within the scope of the work programme. We have been a member of this association since 2000 when it was founded. Today, the EUCLID combines lightning localisation system operators from more than 20 European countries. Therefore, the location of this year's workshop is not coincidental, because we wanted to present the EUCLID association to our consumers in Serbia.

It should also be emphasised that our associate, Mr Goran Milev, was elected as President of the EUCLID association for a three-year term of office.

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