ELEKTROFEST Attracted 800 Students to Ljubljana and Krško

Aug, 2014

ELEKTROFEST Attracted 800 Students to Ljubljana and Krško

On Friday, 19 September 2014, the third Elektrofest took place. This time, Eles, Milan Vidmar Electric Power REsearch Institute and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering were also joined by GEN energija. In Ljubljana and in GEN's World of Energy in Krško, we presented our know-how to almost 800 students. Various presentations about the Slovenian electric energy system, its operations and specialties in the field of energy were made at various locations. 

The visitors of Elektrofest were invited to high voltage laboratory at the EIMV, where we have been conducting tests of devices that operate in the electric energy system for more than fifty years, and we also make lightning simulations. We used a model to show students what phenomena occur at high voltage transmission along overhead lines. 

We also presented a photo exhibition entitled "The Development of Technologies of Overhead Lines". The authors of photographs – Miha Bečan, Stane Vižintin, Miha Oblak, Dušan Huč, Igor Rozman and Tomaž Živic – presented the relevance of the fact that new high voltage lines must be built in order to enable a more widespread use of renewable electric energy sources, and increase the capacity of the existing ones. We need to do more to make these lines acceptable to people and to ensure their reliable operations. We also presented our extensive research that enables the use of new technologies. By consulting and technical supervision, we also cooperate in all phases of overhead line construction. 

This year, we also sent our professionals to Krško, where they presented an interesting field of research of lightnings and the method of studying them. We also presented a special exhibition model that represents a wire explosion, when it reaches the same voltage as real lightning. 

At the opening of Elektrofest 2014, attendees were addressed by Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder, Deputy Director of EIMV, when he highlighted the features of electric energy research, thus hoping to inspire younger generations to get engaged in this field.

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