Elektrofest 2018

Sep, 2018

The promotion of energy literacy at the "radiation" station of the EIMV was presented at Elektrofest by mag. Breda Cestnik and mag. Karol Grabner in cooperation with Vojta Vuga and Peter Osenčič. The presentation focused on low-frequency electric and magnetic fields in the natural and living environments. The experts demonstrated the measurements of electric and magnetic fields of grid frequency at various voltage and current values.

At the official opening, the visitors were addressed by Mr Primož Hrobat, the Head of the Electric Power Plants and Facilities Environmental Effects Department. He emphasised that the effects of electric power devices on the environment, such as touch voltage, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic compatibility and noise are discussed by experts in electric power industry on a daily basis. The term electromagnetic radiation, which was represented to students theoretically, practically and visually, is most certainly the most known effect in public.

To keep and advance the knowledge in this field, we also gave students a brochure on electric and magnetic fields that was reprinted due to large interest and also issued in English language. The brochure presents electromagnetic radiation in a simple way, with practical examples, so that everyone can get to know this area, thus contributing to the strengthening of energy literacy among people.

He said that the companies in the electric power industry trust the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute with the monitoring of their facilities on the basis of periodical measurements, which are in some cases the basis for their rehabilitation. "The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute and electric power companies have always strived to achieve that the electric power facilities are built to minimise their impacts on the environment, but always comply with the valid regulations," said Dr Primož Hrobat.

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