Developmental Tests on OH Power Lines Conductors

May, 2014

Developmental Tests on OH Power Lines Conductors

Tests of new OH wires produced by LUMPI – Berndorf Draht und Seilwerk have been implemented since the second half of January 2014 at the High Voltage Laboratory at the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute. The tests were procured by the Austrian system operator APG – Austrian Power Grid AG.

Noise and EMR emissions are becoming quite a major problem in integrating overhead lines in the environment. Transmission operators and OH equipment producers (mostly producers of wires and hanging materials) are well aware of this problem. Their efforts in the field of development are mostly focused on reducing these emissions.

Austrian producer of OH wires LUMPI – Berndorf Draht und Seilwerk has in cooperation with Austrian system operator APG – Austrian Power Grid AG performed tests of EMR and noise of nine newly developed types of OH wires at our High Voltage Laboratory.

Our laboratory has recognised similar developmental needs and offered users the possibility to test and develop new products. By purchasing the equipment for measuring radio-interference radiation and partial discharges as well as international accreditation of standard procedures according to IEC 612284, we have become one of the leading testing laboratories in the field of measurements and recognising corona on high voltage devices.

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