Data Analytics in Smart Grids

Apr, 2018

New ways of consumption (electric cars, heat pumps) and production (solar power plants etc.) of electric power bring new challenges to the energy sector. Some consumers are already causing problems in the network, and we can expect these problems to aggravate. We will present how data analytics help resolving these problems. Distribution companies are intensively replacing old induction meters with smart meters that enable more frequent data collection (15-minute intervals). We presented new statistical approaches that are being developed at the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute. These approaches base on big data mining and machine learning, thus enabling the analysis of large quantities of data from smart meters. Such analyses give a detailed insight in the conduct of consumers and enable more accurate simulations of operating. In the last part of the lecture, we presented the possibilities offered by IoT devices in smart grids.

You are invited to watch a video below:

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