CIGRE SC C4 International Colloquium on Lightning and Power Systems, Ljubljana

Sep, 2017

CIGRE SC C4 International Colloquium on Lightning and Power Systems

On 18 and 19 September 2017, the CIGRE SC C4 International Colloquium on Lightning and Power Systems was held at the premises of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana. Around fifty experts from all over the world attended this colloquium, including some top experts in this field.

Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute as co-organiser played a visible part during the entire colloquium. It was presided by Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder. The organisation committee included Dr. Boris Žitnik (president), Dr. Stane Vižintin, Miha Bečan and Tim Gradnik as members.

The opening ceremony and welcome speeches were followed by lectures. Dr. Uwe Riechert held a lecture on very fast transient overvoltages (VFTO) and HV gas insulated substations: "Origin, Simulation, Testing and Insulation Co-ordination Approach”.

Dr. Stane Vižintin had the honour to present his paper entitled "Importance of Lightning Data for HV Power-System Overvoltage Protection and Analyses".

Another 28 papers were presented during the event, all tackling ten priority topics.

Klemen Jevnikar presented his paper entitled "Comparison of lighting strike specific energy calculation between SIST EN 62305-1 standard and IEC TR 60071-4 technical report using Rise-Time and Peak-To-Zero time measured by Lightning Localization System", together with co-authors Goran Milev and Vladimir Djurica.

The behaviour analysis of the pilot set-up of 212 line conductors on overhead transmission line 2 × 110 kV Gorica–Divača was presented by Miha Bečan in his paper "Lightning Performance Improvement of an Overhead Transmission Line After Surge Arresters Installation", written with co-authors Boštjan Barl, Bojan Volk, Jure Praznik and Goran Milev.  

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