CIGRE, Paris

Sep, 2016


The CIGRE Session, which is traditionally organised every two years, was held from 21 to 26 August 2016 in Paris. It was attended by approximately 3200 professional from all over the world. The event was also attended by experts from Slovenia. The representatives of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute were the director, Dr Boris Žitnik and Prof Maks Babuder, as well as Maja Končan-Gradnik, MSc, Biljana Čuček, MSc, Breda Cestnik, Tim Gradnik, Igor Rozman, MSc, Miha Bečan and  Dr Stane Vižintin. Within the scope of the SC B2 programme, the following papers were presented:

  - B2-301  "Innovation-Section: Test-run for uprating a 220 kV OHL to 380 kV using insulated cross-arms and coated conductors" by Maks Babuder, Stane Vižintin and seven foreign authors;
- B2-313  "Corona noise comparison of the standard and surface treated conductors obtained with monitoring of the newly erected 400 kV line and with corona testing in high-voltage laboratory" by Igor Rozman, Miha Bečan, Maks Babuder, Borut Vertačnik.

  Besides presenting papers, the conference also featured work within the scope of various professional bodies. Tim Gradnik was appointed secretary of the SC A2 and the EIMV was appointed for the organisation of the international SC C4 colloquium "Lighting and Power Systems" in 2017 in Slovenia.

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