CIGRE 2020 e-session Paris

Sep, 2020

Every even-year, experts from the entire world meet in Paris, France, i.e. at one of the most important events in electric power industry – CIGRE Session Paris. Experts from the entire CIGRE community attend this event, because it is the peak of knowledge acquired in the past two years. Due to the current situation, this year the conference was held virtually under the name CIGRE 2020 e-session. The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute experts also attended the conference and presented the paper entitled “Damage on the 110 kV cable during measurements on the earthing system”. The content was presented by Mag. Jure Strmec and Dr. Primož Hrobat. Next year, CIGRE will celebrate its 100th anniversary at the Centennial Session 2021 that will presumably be held in Paris.

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