3rd Electric Energy Basketball Tournament 2016

Jun, 2016

3rd Electric Energy Basketball Tournament 2016

The ŠKUD Elektroinštitut association this year once again successfully organised the basketball tournament that has been established as a traditional tournament, attended by various electric energy companies. It was organised under the title the 3rd Electric Energy Tournament – Škofljica 2016. 

The following teams made it to the finals:

ŠD ELES, ŠD Elektro Celje, ŠD KOLEKTOR ETRA, ŠD Elektro Ljubljana and ŠKUD Elektroinštitut.

For the third year in a row, the ŠD ELES team convincingly won. We would also like to thank other participants, especially teams ŠD Elektro Celje, which made it to the second place despite the fact that the team was not complete, ŠD Elektro Ljubljana for their unselfishness and ŠD KOLEKTOR ETRA for their determination and fair play. Despite the fact that ŠKUD Elektroinštitut ranked last, we can point out that our colleague Gregor Omahen won first place in three-point shots.  The best player of the tournament was Aljaž Pavlič from ŠD ELES team.

Final rankings:

2. ŠD Elektro Celje
3. ŠD Elektro Ljubljana
4. ŠD Kolektor ETRA
5. ŠKUD Elektroinštitut 

We want to thank all participants for joining the tournament and congratulate them for professionally played games.

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