22 June - The anniversary of Milan Vidmar's birthday

Jun, 2018

Academician Prof. Dr. Milan Vidmar, was born 133 years ago, i.e. in in 1885 in Ljubljana. He was the founder of Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute and also had a very fulfilling and extensive academic career. To summarise his career: In 1907 he completed his study at the Vienna High Technical School from which he received his Ph.D. degree in technical sciences in 1910. He then joined the Austrian firm Elin and after it the Hungarian firm Ganz. It was already in 1919 that he was nominated Full Professor at the Electri and Mechanical Department of the Technical Faculty of the Slovenian University. The appointment lasted until his retirement in 1959. Between 1929 and 1930 he was the Chancellor of the Slovenian University and for five years he worked as the Dean of the Slovenian Technical Faculty. In 1940, he became the regular member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Ljubljana and was, for a certain period of time, also its president.
In 1948, Prof. Dr. Milan Vidmar was entrusted the managerial position at the newly established Institute for Electricity Supply Economy in Ljubljana (the today's Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute). After his retirement he continued devoting his time to the Institute as a consultant until his death in 1962.

"An Engineer should above all be a human being. If he has not yet reached this stage, he should make an effort to arrive to it. He should therefore search in solving of his problems for beauty as well as truth, and in the transitoriness of his life work he should aspire to what is eternal..."

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