20th Memorial dedicated to Prof Dr Milan Vidmar in Bled

Jun, 2016

20th Memorial dedicated to Prof Dr Milan Vidmar in Bled

From 24 June and 4 July 2016, Slovenian Chess Association organises the traditional international chess tournament – the 20th memorial dedicated to Prof Dr Milan Vidmar. The tournament is taking place in Grand Hotel Toplice in Bled, where the world's most renowned chess players competed in the past, including Aljehin, Smislov, Talj, Petrosjan, Fischer and Kasparov. 

Ten very strong masters of chess responded to participate at this memorial, dedicated to Prof Dr Milan Vidmar, a scientist and world renowned chess player. These great players include Luka Lenič from Domžale, Jure Borišek, Aleksander Beljavski, Matej Šebenik and Jure Škoberne. The memorial will also be attended by Zdenko Kožul (Croatia), Ivan Ivaniševič (Serbia), Andrei Volokitin (Ukraine), Arkadij Naiditsch (Azerbaijan) and Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (Germany). All mentioned chess players are grandmasters of chess.  

The president of the organisational board and the honourable president of the Slovenian Chess Association, Milan Kneževič, emphasised at the press conference, that after ten years, the Slovenian Chess Association once again organised a very strong tournament in the memory of Milan Vidmar. This is not only a grand chess but also a sport event that will also attract a lot of attention abroad. He described the personality of Prof Dr Milan Vidmar who was not only a great chess player and scientist, but also a judge at major world competitions such as chess Olympics in 1950 in Dubrovnik. He also judged the first post-war duel for the title of world chess champion in 1948 in Moscow. Prof Dr Vidmar was also the initiator of the establishment of the Yugoslav Chess Association in 1929 and the Slovenian Chess Associaiton in 1935.  

The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute is proud of collaborating at this great chess event.

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