20th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Aug, 2017

20th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

From 28 August to 1 September 2017 the 20th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering (ISH 2017) took place in Buenos Aires. It was attended by approximately 370 researchers from 37 countries who work at institutes, universities and in industry. The symposium represents one of the most important meetings in high voltage technology in the world, and we are proud that Slovenia has been represented by EIMV's experts and their scientific papers (three this year). We must also mention that Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder is the member of the international management board of ISH which also decided on the topics and venues of symposia.

Mag. Vladimir Djurica presented at "Oral Session OF1: HV Systems" a paper entitled "Dynamic Thermal Rating of power lines – improved model and measurements in rainy conditions" (with co-authors Gregor Kosec and Dr. Miloš Maksić). In the "PB2: Transient voltages" group, Mladen Iglič presented his paper “A solution to optimal performance of overvoltage protection in cases of Cable-OHL and Cable-GIS interconnection” (co-authors Rado Ferlič, Robert Maruša and Ivo Kobal). In the "Poster Session PC: HV Test & Measuring Technique” group, Simon Podkoritnik presented the article by head author Miha Bečan entitled “A Challenging Case of Overhead Transmission Line Lightning Performance Improvement by Means of Line Surge Arrester Installing” (co-authors Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder, Boštjan Barl, Bojan Volk, Goran Milev and Jure Praznik).

  The Slovenian representatives at the symposium were Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder, Dr. Stane Vižintin (EIMV), Mag. Vladimir Djurica (EIMV), Mladen Iglič (EIMV), Simon Podkoritnik (EIMV), Dr. Robert Maruša (ELES) and Mag. Milan Vižintin (SODO).

After the symposium, a group of Slovenian participants was also hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Argentina, where we presented our work in high voltage, at the same time, we also listened to an interesting presentation of the work and collaboration of the Slovenian minority in Argentina. We would like to thank the president of the Slovenian minority in Argentina, Mr. Damian Ahlin and his wife Mariana Pirc, who took the time to present Buenos Aires, the work of the Slovenian minority and the connection to homeland.  

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