1st Electric Energy Basketball Tournament

Jul, 2014

The 1st Electric Energy Basketball Tournament took place on 21 June in Škofljica pri Ljubljani and was organised by ŠKUD Elektroinštitut. The tournament players were firstly welcomed by the director of the Institute, Dr Boris Žitnik, who wished all six teams (ŠD SODO, ŠD KOLEKTOR, ŠD ELEKTRO ENERGIJA ŠD ELES and ŠKUD Elektroinštitut) a lot of success and fun at playing. After the draft, teams were distributed in two groups by three members. In the preliminary match, ŠD ELES played in the group of "death" and the first match with ŠD ELEKTRO CELJE was entitled the finale before the finale. This was also realised on the basketball court, and despite the fact that ŠD ELES team led the entire match up until the final minute, when at the sound of the siren, Celje team scored the winning point and won with 47:46. The ELES team then beat the ŠD ELEKTRO ENERGIJA team (46:38) and got into the semi-final. In the other group, ŠKUD Elektroinštitut beat both rivals (ŠD SODO and ŠD KOLEKTOR), thus getting to the semi-final, where he played with ŠD ELES. In the traditionally tense match and after a disciplined match, the players of ŠD ELES won over ŠKUD Elektroinštitut by scoring the result 57:49. Meanwhile, the Celje team was also successful and beat the ŠD SODO team. For the bronze medal, ŠKUD Elektroinštitut managed to beat the ŠD SODO team by scoring 68:60. In the finale, the teams ŠD ELEKTRO CELJE and ŠD ELES met again. The ELES team played quite intensively during the entire match, therefore, the winner was already known quite some time before the final whistle of the judges. Therefore, the ŠD ELES team won quite by many points (76:56) and deserved the golden medal. 

At the closing of the award ceremony and social gathering, the tournament organiser, Simon Podkoritnik, won a great applause for organising a perfect match and winning the trust of all participants, so that next year the event will once again be organised by him, and probably these tournaments will become a tradition! 


1st place: ŠD ELES

2nd place: ŠD Elektro Celje

3rd place: ŠKUD Elektroinštitut

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