13th CIGRE-CIRED Conference

May, 2017

13thCIGRE-CIRED Conference

The 13th CIGRE-CIRED Conference was held from 22 to 24 May in Maribor. The event is an exceptional opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience among experts in the field of energy.

EIMV experts contributed the largest number of expert papers. They also proactively cooperated in discussions with regard to issues and dilemmas on the current and future trends of the electric energy system development in Slovenia and abroad.

The standpoints, presentations of our co-workers and their expert work attracted a lot of interest and positive responses of other participants. Thus, EIMV continues its mission, strengthens its role and successfully contributes to the development of the Slovenian electric power sector for a better today and tomorrow. Prof. Babuder also presented the conference for the media, i.e. at RTV SLO TV Maribor:
(from 4:45 minute)

We wish to thank all employees at EIMV who have contributed to this success!

Link: CIGRE-CIRED 2017

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