The Management Sector is responsible for performing common affair tasks of various characters either administrative-legal, financial-accounting, personnel, administrative, information-documentation or any other as applicable for undisturbed performance of the Institute's activities. The Management Sector consists of the General Dept. and Finance Dept.

The General Dept. is responsible for the information-documentation and commercial activity and for legal, personnel and administrative work. The Finance Dept. does the financing and accounting work.

The Head of the General Dept. is Stanca Bregar, B. Sc. Law Contact numbers:
Institute's secretary office: +386 (0)1 474 3601
Personnel service: +386 (0)1 474 3608
Commercial service: +386 (0)1 474 3612
Library: +386 (0)1 474 3613
Mailing service: +386 (0)1 474 3611