Pija Brezigar, Librarian
Telephon: +386 1 474 3613
Fax: +386 1 4253-326

Library working hours
The library working hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 2. p.m.
The lending term for external users is 14 days with possible lending term extension. External user are not being lent the most recent editions of reviews, encyclopaedias, manuals, lexicons and the so-called Institute's obligatory copies (studies, research reports...).

The Institute's library is a special library and at the same time an information centre for the area of Electric Power Engineering. It is responsible for distribution of the related scientific and technical documentation and information to the Institute's researchers and its professional collaborators, employees of the Slovenian Electricity Supply Industry, students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, and to all those this kind of literature. With its vast fund comprising over 18000 book units, some 50 titles of foreign and domestic professional dailies, reviews and newspapers, it is ranked among the greatest Slovenian specialising libraries.

The Institute's library closely collaborates with the Institute's Documentation Service. Their work overlaps and provides support to each other. The documentation kept for the Institute's researchers is of a biographic, bibliographic and analytical character. Its number is on average on the level between 50 - 60, depending on the current employment rate. All the Institute's biographies and bibliographies can be found in COBISS and SICRIS bases, too.

The Institute's library serves also as an archive though it is not organised as such. The Institute's work being mostly writing various projects, studies, expert reports, measuring reports and testing certificates, 50 % of the library's total fond comprises the so called obligatory Institute's copies. These are 2000 of the so far made researches (kept in three copies) over 2000 copies of the rest of the professional reports (kept in two copies) and all sorts of conferences with participation or professional contribution of the Institute's researchers.

Over the last twenty years, there has been an increase of some 200 units per year in professional monographies. The library disposes mostly of the professional literature regarding the Institute's narrow area of specialised work, i.e. electric power engineering and energy. In the last couple of years, the raise in the number of its available literature has turned in favour of the English language, whereas its older literature is mostly in the German and Russian language. A particular concern of the Institute's library has been to assure its researchers a sufficient number of dictionaries, manuals and encyclopaedias and in particular standards which are extremely important for the Institute's work. Apart from monographies and reviews, there is a strong interest also in secondary documents, such as proceedings from various professional congresses and papers. Of great use with this respect is a well organised inter-library literature lending.

Important literature of the Institute's library are:

  • Institute's studies,
  • Milan Vidmar's legacy,
  • measurement reports, and
  • environmental reports.

In the library 's reading club, its visitors are offered, besides several annual publications of various professional reviews, a great number of dictionaries, manuals and encyclopaedias. Also available are daily newspapers and even some leisure time literature. There are six chairs in the reading club.