Energy and Power System Planning


The Energy and Power System Planning Department (EPSPD) executes long-term energy system planning.


Areas of Work

Research at the Energy and Power System Planning Department can be divided into four basic areas:

  • general power engineering and forecasting the consumption of energy,
  • electricity generation development planning,
  • transmission networks development planning,
  • distribution networks development planning,

and these areas comprehensively cover long-term planning of the electric power system: from complex predictions of electricity consumption, through covering the predicted consumption with power plants and transmission and distribution networks planning, enabling a reliable supply of electricity to consumers.

Our department is active in the following areas:

  • distribution networks development planning and optimisation,
  • transmission networks development planning and optimisation,
  • the development of distribution networks planning criteria,
  • the development of software for analysing distribution and transmission networks within the scope of the GREDOS software package,
  • the analysis of international connections with commercial lines,
  • the inclusion of new production sources to EPS and the optimisation of production companies development,
  • the development of programme tools for analysing the hydrological situation and potential generation of hydro power plants,
  • the costs of electric power production, transmission and distribution,
  • issues related to reactive power and distributed sources,
  • energy consumption development,
  • deregulation in the electric power industry,
  • opening the electric power market and resolving the problems that occur,
  • determining the prices of electricity of production facilities.


+386 1 474 36 30

Head of Department

M. Sc., Leon Valencic
Phone: +386 1 474 36 30