12th Höfler's Days – more than 150 participants, 21 expert presentations and an interesting panel discussion

On 12 and 13 November 2015, we organised the 12th Höfler's Days International Symposium. 21 expert papers that based on technological issues and future challenges in the field of electric energy industry presented and focused on the problems of operations of the electric energy system with a high share of renewable sources, reactive power compensation and measures to sustain voltage situation in the HV grid, HVDC transmission of electric energy and technological specialities, information technologies in the electric energy systems as well as the techniques for reducing the impact of the HV grid and devices on the environment. Panel discussion focused on optimising the voltage profile in the system, where emphasis was put on reactive power management.

We are glad that more than 150 domestic and foreign experts and lecturers participated at this event. Together, we had actively contributed to making the event interesting and that it received quite a lot of attention. We thank each and one of you once again and hope to welcome you to the 13th Höfler's Days next year!

November 2015

On November 12 and 13, 2015, the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute organises the 12th “Höfler Days” Symposium which traditionally focuses on high voltage technology issues mostly HV testing and measurement technique. We have decided to expand the topics and include technological issues concerning some future challenges of the electric power system operation. Symposium will be implemented under the title ENHANCING THE ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEM RELIABILITY BY MEANS OF ITS STRUCTURAL MODIFICATIONS.

We invite experts to participate and share with us their professional experiences by presenting and discussing scientific papers. We invite exhibitors and sponsors to join the symposium and to actively participate and enrich this traditional event.

More about Höfler Days Hofler

November 2015

TC37 IEC technical committee meetings

At the High Voltage Faculty of the Darmstadt University of Technology, experts (19) in surge arresters met at two TC37 IEC technical meetings (overvoltage arresters) MT3 and MT10.

  • At the MT10 meeting which was held on 22 and 23 October 2015, the experts dealt with the IEC 60099-5 standard renewal. The standard discusses the selection and recommendations for the use of overvoltage arresters.
  • At the MT4 meeting that was held on 23 and 24 October 2015, experts dealt with the IEC 60099-4, -6, -8 standard renewal. The standards discuss several types of overvoltage arresters.

The representative of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, Mr Miha Bečan, participated at both meetings as an invited guest. The faculty also organised the visit of the high voltage laboratory and other specialised test laboratories.

October 2015
INMR World Congress 2015

Celebrating the 20th anniversary, the 12th INMR World Congress took place in Munich from 19 to 21 October.

More than 125 papers were presented. The main topics were:

  • Technical improvements of isolators for overhead lines and isolators for switching stations
  • Future needs in planning overhead lines for optimising the appearance and costs
  • Technical improvements of design and the application of cable clamps and terminals for MV and HV cables
  • Trends and new technologies for energetic non-linear resistance
  • Operating experience in the use of surge arresters and their monitoring
  • Changes of requirements of insulation materials with the transition with AC to HV and very high voltage of the DC application
  • Experience and acquired knowledge in the insulator design for deserts and other extreme environmental conditions
  • Experience acquired at HV bushing condition monitoring technologies
  • Insulator design for optimising HV DC and very high voltage application
  • Improved methodologies for the review and maintenance of insulation of overhead lines and switching stations

62 producers of electrical equipment presented their products (insulators, bushings, arresters), as well as machinery and materials for their production as well as high voltage laboratories for their testing.

The congress offers a unique opportunity to merge experts, producers and users of insulators, arresters and cable terminations. It was also attended by the representatives of Slovenian companies Izoelektro d.o.o. and Solvera Lynx d.d. 

October 2015

Celebrating the birth anniversaries of academicians Milan and Josip Vidmar

On 22 September 2015, the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts organised a celebration in the memory of academic brothers Josip and Milan Vidmar. This year is the 130th anniversary of birth of our founder, Prof. Dr. Milan Vidmar, and the 120th anniversary of birth of Josip Vidmar. Both presided the SAZU.

At this event, Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder presented our founder as the great engineer in electrical technology. He spoke about how he learned who Milan Vidmar was and why as well as how he had evolved to becoming a great electrical engineer, he also presented Vidmar’s scientific and other papers thus setting him to the top of the electrical industry. He also proudly presented how Milan Vidmar founded our institute in 1948. Academician Prof. Dr. Ivan Bratko presented academician Milan Vidmar as a great expert and chess player. In his speech, he took the listeners to the world of chess through the eyes of a master of chess.

Josip Vidmar, was presented by Prof. Dr. Janko Kos and Prof. Dr. France Bernik, the honourable member of the SABU, who described his encounters with Josip Vidmar.

September 2015

Once again, this year four distinguished institutions in electricity transmission, i.e. the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, ELES, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and GEN energija will provide for increasing the energy literacy of secondary school students. At Elektrofest, each organisation will prepare different professional sets of content where students will be informed on electromagnetic radiation which is the core topic of this year’s event.

The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute will demonstrate the measurements of electrical and magnetic fields of network frequency at various voltages and currents. ELES company will show the animated film on the operations of EES, experts will prepare a lecture in electromagnetic radiation and overhead power lines. Students will perform various experiments and “walk” along the electromagnetic spectrum with the expert from Gen energija. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana is preparing students for a radio show entitled “Fox Hunt”. After the scientific work, students will be entertained in front of our building. We expect that almost 500 students and mentors will attend the event.

September 2015

19th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering

The 19the International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering was held in Pilsen, Czech Republic, from 26 to 31 August 2015. It was attended by approximately 580 researchers from 39 countries who work within the scope of institutes, universities and the industry. The symposium is one of the most important meetings in the field of high voltage engineering in the world and we are proud that Slovenia has been represented since the beginning by the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute with their scientific papers, four this year. We are also very proud that Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder has been the member of the international management board of the ISH since the beginning.

In the scope of Oral Session OA2: EMF Application, Simon Podkoritnik presented his paper entitled Analysis of the Impact of Reduction 400 kV Overhead Transmission Line Dimensions on the Transient Overvoltages (co-authors Dr. Stane Vižintin and Boštjan Barl). In the group Poster Session PE1: OHL / CB Diagnosis, Igor Rozman presented his paper entitled Evaluation of the Measures to Limit the Corona Noise Implemented on the 400 kV OTL Bericevo – Krsko (co-authors Miha Bečan, Dr. Boris Žitnik, Ivo Kobal and Borut Vertačnik). In the group Poster Session PC: HV Test & Measuring Technique, Vladimir Djurica presented his paper entitled A Reference Testing Site for Evaluation of Dynamic Thermal Rating Algorithm Uncertainties in the Operation of Transmission Power Lines (co-authors Gašper Lakota, Miloš Maksič, Janko Kosmač and Jan Kostevc). Within the scope of the same group, Tim Gradnik presented his paper Impact of optical fibre temperature sensors on dielectric withstand of oil channel in paperless winding insulation of power transformers (co-authors Juso Ikanovič, Blaž Janežič and Andrej Jurman).

The symposium highlighted the challends that researches face in the field of high voltage, and enabled the exchange of knowledge and experience. Our institute has quite extensive experience and expertise, therefore, we are ranked among the leading world scientific institutions.

At the symposium, Slovenia was represented by the Director of EIMV, Dr. Boris Žitnik, Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder, Marko Hrast, MSc, Dr. Stane Vižintin, Borut Vertačnik, Vladimir Djurica, Igor Rozman, Tim Gradnik and Simon Podkoritnik.

September 2015
23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering

The 23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE23) took place in May in Japan, Tokyo, at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba. The conference is one of the most important meetings in the field of nuclear engineering.

Our associate Simon Podkoritnik also attended the conference, where he presented a paper entitled Diagnostics and Life-Cycle Assessment of Medium-Voltage Cables in Nuclear Power Plants During Regular Overhaul Process, which he prepared with co-authors S. Manojlović and M. Janša.

The paper presents the best approach at the moment, which is represented, introduced and implemented in the field of cable diagnostics by the High Voltage Laboratory of the High Voltage Department of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute. The participants at the conference showed quite a lot of interest for this topic.


Within the scope of the 12th CIGRÉ-CIRED Conference of Slovenian electric power sector, on Tuesday, 26 May 2015, awards were granted for long-term successful work in the Slovenian electric power sector. The award was received by our long-term associate, Mr Rado Isaković. Congratulations!  

The diplomas for most distinguished papers at the last conference, held in Laško in 2013, were also granted. We are extremely delighted that the award recipients are the associates of the Electric Power Research Institute, who have alone or in collaboration with their peers prepared papers that received the most attention among all published papers. More in attachment: Awards and diplomas >>


At the opening of the 12th CIGRÉ Conference of the Slovenian electric energy sector held in Portorož on 25 May 2015, our associate, Dr. Stane Vižintin, received the CIGRÉ plaque for exceptional contributions in the Slovenian energy sector and international activities. Congratulations!  

Stane Vižintin was born on 14 January 1959 in Ljubljana. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, Industrial Electrical Technology Department in 1983. In the following year, he was employed at the High Voltage Department at the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute. He received his master's degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana in 1999. 

He passed the professional exam in electrical engineering in 1992. From 1991 to 2008, he worked as an assistant and managed laboratory tutorials for the High Voltage Technology subject. From April 2010 he has successfully managed the High Voltage Department at the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute. He got his doctoral degree in 2011 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Zagreb. 

For several years, he has been a distinguished member of the SLOKO CIGRÉ and the secretary of the SC A3 and international associations IEEE and CIGRÉ. He has also worked as a member/observer at the SC A3. He was also the member of the working group WG A3.17 that dealt with surge arresters. He actively collaborates with the Slovenian Standardisation Institute, i.e. in various technical boards. He was also the member of the ISH International Symposium Organisational Committee, which was held in 2007 in Ljubljana. 

His main activities comprise: the control of HV facilities isolation, over voltage measurements, work at the OV laboratory, introduction of IT in work processes, automation of measurement procedures, computer simulation of surge events, selection of technology and takeovers of t HV devices, functioning of lightings and analysis of lighting protection, isolation coordination, overhead lines technology, standardisation, cooperation at the construction of electric power facilities and technical reviews.


The three-day meeting of Slovenian electric energy providers will be held at the BERNARDIN Congress Centre in Portorož from Monday, 25 May, to Wednesday, 27 May 2015. The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute will also cooperate actively at this conference. Our co-workers will present interesting articles that will show the knowledge and research work of the institute. You are kindly invited to attend! Please, find out more about the conference on

32nd CIGRE Serbia Conference

At the 32nd CIGRE Serbia conference that was held from 17 to 21 May 2015 in Zlatibor, our co-workers Goran Milev and Vladimir Djurica presented the work of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute and the services of the SCALAR system. This year’s topics were the damages in the Serbian electric energy system caused by floods, glaze ice and strong winds in the previous year and the review of work after ten years of liberalisation of the energy market in Serbia. Please, read more about the CIGRE Serbia Conference on


The 4th International MNE KO CIGRE 2015 Conference was organised in Montenegro from 11 to 14 May. Among 106 published papers, the experts from the EIMV, Goran Milev and Vladimir Djurica, presented a successfully implemented project for the CGES a.d. mobile operator in Montenegro, entitled "Implementation of the SCALAR SYSTEM Correlator Service on the Montenegrin Transmission Network".

Please, find more information about the conference on

En.grids 2015

The 6th Smart Grids Conference was held on 10 February at the Plaza Hotel in Ljubljana. It was also attended by two of our associates: Mr Gregor Omahen coordinated the introductory round table entitled "Smart Grids Demand a Smart Approach!" and Mr Souvent who presented his paper "Advanced Visualisation of Electric Power Network". See more at

7th Consult on IT in the Energy Sector – PIES

On 17 and 18 November 2014, the 7th Consult on IT in the Energy Sector (PIES) took place in Portorož. The representatives of our institute also cooperated at this consult. Mr Andrej Souvent, who traditionally manages the Smart Grids department, together with other associates presented three papers: Smart Grid and Smart Home Integration, Concept and Implementation of IT system for the Assessment of Solar Power Plant Production, and the Advantages of Application of Semantic Models at Integration: CIM Model Application. More info about the programme:

17. and 18. November 2014
60th Anniversary of the Slovenian Meteorological Society

The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute attended the event celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Slovenian Meteorological Society. We held an introductory lecture about the SCALAR system. We presented the use of meteorological data about the SUMO project and the use of the SCALAR system in the power industry (transmission and distribution of electricity).

More info about the event is available on

EIMV, Ljubljana, oktober 2014
ICLP 2014 - International Conference on Lightning Protection

From 11 to 17 October 2014, the 32nd ICLP conference was held in Shanghai, China, where the participants discussed the occurrence of lightnings, their influence and protection against them. Mr Gašper Lakota successfully presented the paper entitled Use of High Resolution Flash Density Data and GIS Analysis Methods in Power Utilities Networks (authors: Gašper Lakota, Goran Milev, Vladimir Djurica and Dr Boris Žitnik).

The next, 33rd ICLP conference will be held in 2016 in Estoril (Portugal).

EIMV, Ljubljana, oktober 2014

For the needs of restoring and upgrading the Belica small hydropower plant, owned by Elektro Ljubljana OVE, EIMV has produced 2 analogue excitation systems, which are custom made with the considerations of the specifications of mechanical and electrical equipment. The characteristics are harmonised with SONDO requirements. The construction of the systems is robust and enables complete autonomy (island operations) of the power plant in case of electric network failure and long-term network failures. The specialty of both excitation systems is advanced IGBT technology in exit rates and contact controlled digital reference.

With this project, the EIMV has filled the gap in the market of small excitation systems, where it is difficult to get a reliable excitation system with up to 100 A output power, full engineering support and maintenance at moderate price.

At the end of 2014, we also plan to develop a digital excitation system that will be founded on FPGA technology.

EIMV, Ljubljana, October 2014
CIRED Srbija

The associates of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute attended the 9th Conference on electric power distribution grids, which was held in Vrnjačka Banja. Our exhibition stand presented products and services offered by the Institute, whereas more emphasis was put on the SCALAR system.

EIMV, Ljubljana, September 2014
ELEKTROFEST Attracted 800 Students to Ljubljana and Krško

On Friday, 19 September 2014, the third Elektrofest took place. This time, Eles, Milan Vidmar Electric Power REsearch Institute and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering were also joined by GEN energija. In Ljubljana and in GEN's World of Energy in Krško, we presented our know-how to almost 800 students. Various presentations about the Slovenian electric energy system, its operations and specialties in the field of energy were made at various locations.

The visitors of Elektrofest were invited to high voltage laboratory at the EIMV, where we have been conducting tests of devices that operate in the electric energy system for more than fifty years, and we also make lightning simulations. We used a model to show students what phenomena occur at high voltage transmission along overhead lines.

We also presented a photo exhibition entitled "The Development of Technologies of Overhead Lines". The authors of photographs – Miha Bečan, Stane Vižintin, Miha Oblak, Dušan Huč, Igor Rozman and Tomaž Živic – presented the relevance of the fact that new high voltage lines must be built in order to enable a more widespread use of renewable electric energy sources, and increase the capacity of the existing ones. We need to do more to make these lines acceptable to people and to ensure their reliable operations. We also presented our extensive research that enables the use of new technologies. By consulting and technical supervision, we also cooperate in all phases of overhead line construction.

This year, we also sent our professionals to Krško, where they presented an interesting field of research of lightnings and the method of studying them. We also presented a special exhibition model that represents a wire explosion, when it reaches the same voltage as real lightning.

At the opening of Elektrofest 2014, attendees were addressed by Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder, Deputy Director of EIMV, when he highlighted the features of electric energy research, thus hoping to inspire younger generations to get engaged in this field.

EIMV, Ljubljana, September 2014
Visit by the Kazakhstan Delegation

On Tuesday, 16 September 2014, we were visited by a delegation of professors of higher education electrical engineering schools from Kazakhstan. Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder presented the EIMV, and this was followed by three lectures: the Slovenian – Japanese project in the field of smart grids (Gregor Omahen), SCALAR System (Goran Milev) and the SUMO System (Gašper Lakota). The meeting was extremely interesting and productive for all participants.

EIMV, Ljubljana, September 2014
Energy Literacy at Eletrofest

The established electric power sector institutions – ELES, Milan Vidmar Electric Power REsearch Institute, Faculty of Electrical Engineering – were this year joined by GEN energija to organise this year's scientific festival Elektrofest. This year, we will promote energy literacy for almost 800 students by organising meetings in Ljubljana and also at GEN's World of Energy. All organising institutions will present several professional sets of contents for providing information to the students. The main event will be the opening of the exhibition Technological Heritage through Time and the Development of Technologies of Overhead Lines in the lobby of ELES and EIMV, Hajdrihova 2, Ljubljana, at 10:30 am.

THe visitors of Elektrofest will visit the high voltage laboratory, where we have been conducting tests of devices that operate in the electric energy system for more than fifty years, and we also make lightning simulations. We used a model to show students what phenomena occur at high voltage transmission along overhead lines. We will also explain the phenomena and show how to measure voltage. We will also present a photo exhibition entitled the Development of Technologies of Overhead Lines. Visitors in Krško will be able to get more information about lightning and their field of study. We will also show them a special model that represents a wire explosion, when it reaches the same voltage as real lightning.

Kindly invited!

EIMV, Ljubljana, September 2014
Associates of the EIMV in the Media (21 August 2014)

The storm on the night of 21 August 2014 was quite heavy, also for the associates of the EIMV. Mr Rado Isakovič and Vladimir Djurica explained the general information about lightning and the storm in the show "Svetovalni servis" (
In the informative show 24ur (POP TV), Mr Goran Milev informed the viewers about the density of lightning at the mentioned storm (

EIMV, Ljubljana, August 2014
IEEE PES General Meeting

In National Harbour, MD, USA, the traditional IEEE PES General Meeting took place from 27 to 31 July. It was also participated by Dr. Miloš Maksić and Dejan Matvoz, MSc with their paper: A Practical Case of Determining the Maximum Allwoed PV Plant Connection Power Using Different Reactive Power Control Concepts.

EIMV, Ljubljana, July 2014
ICDL 2014

The 4-day 18th international Conference on Dielectric Liquids (ICDL 2014) finished on 3 July 2014 in Bled. It was organised by EIMV within the scope of the IEEE DEIS and participated by 150 experts from 28 countries and 6 continents, who presented their research achievements and exchanged experience in the field of basic and applied research on dielectric liquids, the diagnostics of devices with dielectric liquids. The best papers by young researchers was also awarded at the conference, i.e. the first paper was authored by Farzaneh Vahidi from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, entitled “Influence of Electrode Material on Conductivity Measurements under DC Stress”, and Wu Lu from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, the paper was entitled “Lightning Impulse Breakdown Performance of an Inhibited Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) Hydrocarbon Transformer Oil”. The researchers from the EIMV presented three papers: “Methods for Monitoring Age-Related Changes in Transformer Oils” (Nataša Bernard, Biljana Čuček, Tim Gradnik, Maja Končan-Gradnik), “Temperature and Chemical Impact on Determination of Water Content in Dielectric Liquids by Capacitive Moisture Sensors” (Tim Gradnik, Biljana Čuček, Maja Končan-Gradnik), “The Identification of Systematic Error in Determining the Average Temperature of Power Transformer Insulation Obtained by Comprehensive Analysis of an Authentic On-Site Condition Assessment Database” (Miha Bečan, Ivo Kobal, Jalen Štremfelj, Maks Babuder).
We are very proud and content with the fact that the conference was implemented and concluded successfully, and that all participants were very satisfied with the outcome. We would like to thank all local and foreign sponsors: ELES, Kolektor Etra, MIDEL, ERGON and NYNAS.
The next, 19th Conference on Dielectric Liquids will be held in Manchester, UK, in 2017. Please, find more information about this year’s conference at:

EIMV, Ljubljana, July 2014
Ist Electric Energy Basketball Tournament

The 1st Electric Energy Basketball Tournament took place on 21 June in Škofljica pri Ljubljani and was organised by ŠKUD Elektroinštitut. The tournament players were firstly welcomed by the director of the Institute, Dr Boris Žitnik, who wished all six teams (ŠD SODO, ŠD KOLEKTOR, ŠD ELEKTRO ENERGIJA ŠD ELES and ŠKUD Elektroinštitut) a lot of success and fun at playing. After the draft, teams were distributed in two groups by three members. In the preliminary match, ŠD ELES played in the group of "death" and the first match with ŠD ELEKTRO CELJE was entitled the finale before the finale. This was also realised on the basketball court, and despite the fact that ŠD ELES team led the entire match up until the final minute, when at the sound of the siren, Celje team scored the winning point and won with 47:46. The ELES team then beat the ŠD ELEKTRO ENERGIJA team (46:38) and got into the semi-final. In the other group, ŠKUD Elektroinštitut beat both rivals (ŠD SODO and ŠD KOLEKTOR), thus getting to the semi-final, where he played with ŠD ELES. In the traditionally tense match and after a disciplined match, the players of ŠD ELES won over ŠKUD Elektroinštitut by scoring the result 57:49. Meanwhile, the Celje team was also successful and beat the ŠD SODO team. For the bronze medal, ŠKUD Elektroinštitut managed to beat the ŠD SODO team by scoring 68:60. In the finale, the teams ŠD ELEKTRO CELJE and ŠD ELES met again. The ELES team played quite intensively during the entire match, therefore, the winner was already known quite some time before the final whistle of the judges. Therefore, the ŠD ELES team won quite by many points (76:56) and deserved the golden medal.

At the closing of the award ceremony and social gathering, the tournament organiser, Simon Podkoritnik, won a great applause for organising a perfect match and winning the trust of all participants, so that next year the event will once again be organised by him, and probably these tournaments will become a tradition!

1st place: ŠD ELES
2nd place: ŠD Elektro Celje
3rd place: ŠKUD Elektroinštitut

ŠKUD Elektroinštitut, Ljubljana, July 2014
PAC World 2014 - predstavitev prispevka na mednarodni konferenci v Zagrebu

The PAC World 2014 conference took place in Zagreb from 23 to 26 June 2014 ( and was attended by 200 international experts in the fields of protection, automation and EES management. EIMV's representative was Mr Gašper Lakota, who presented his paper entitled "A System for Real-Time and Short-Term Forecast Assessment of Operational Limits – SUMO". The paper was also co-authored by Jan Kostevc and Janko Kosmač from ELES. The paper presented the SUMO system, which has been planned and developed by ELES in cooperation with EIMV. With the use of advanced technologies, the SUMO system will enable ELES to more efficiently and safely operate the electric energy network.

EIMV, Ljubljana, July 2014
CIM User Group Meeting 2014

The CIM User Group Meeting 2014 with the title »EU Network Codes: Meeting the Transmission and Distribution Challenge Using the CIM« was organised in Oslo from 17 to 20 June 2014. It discussed the current topics in the field of CIM – Common Information Model and system integration. Andrej Souvent from the EIMV and Nejc Petrovič from Elektro Gorenjska presented the results of the Generic Strategy for Standards-based Systems Integration for Electric Distribution Utilities (GSSSI-EDU) project which was implemented in cooperation with the EDF R&D within the scope of the Distributed Energy Resources Research Infrastructure (DERri).

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2014

The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute was visited by the elementary school pupils from Braslovče on 21 May. We presented them all the activities of the institute. We discussed the operations of the electric power supply network and special emphasis was put on lightning and how to protect against them. Our High Voltage Laboratory performed an interesting test. In this way we can show the children the path of electric power - from a power plant to the socket. We were amazed by the enthusiasm and curiosity of children.

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2014
18th IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids – ICDL 2014

EIMV is proud to organise the 18th IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids ICDL 2014 sponsored by IEEE DEIS, which will be held from 30 June to 3 July in Bled, Slovenia.

Considering the participation in previous years, this Conference will be attended by 100 to 140 experts from the entire world (Europe, America, Canada, Brazil, China, Korea, Australia, Russia etc.), who will present their research achievements and exchange experience in the field of dielectric liquids research as well as dielectric liquid equipment diagnostics together with researchers and other users of research results. The participants are usually renowned professors, students as well as young researchers, and important current and potential future experts and managers of dielectric liquids equipment in electric power supply companies.

>>

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2014
Round Table: Smart Grids from the Aspect of Final Users at the Energetics Fair in Celje

On Wednesday, 21 May, we organised a round table within the scope of the Energetics Fair exhibition, which discussed the current issues in the field of smart grids, i.e. from the aspect of final users. We presented technological and regulatory aspects of introducing smart grids, especially in the fields of distribution network management, inclusion of dispersed resources of production, introducing the system of smart counters, including the technologies of smart home and electrical mobility. The round table was managed by the head of the Electric Power System Control and Operation Department, Mr. Andrej Souvent.

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2014
Expert Meeting: Municipal Energetics

The 23rd international consult Municipal Energetics was organised from 13 to 15 May at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and IT in Maribor. The meeting discussed topics in the field of energy supply. The welcoming speech was presented by Dr. Boris Žitnik, the director of EIMV, Andrej Souvent, the head of the Electric Power System Control and Operation Department, cooperated at the round table entitled "Integration of Smart Buildings, Grids and Cities – Energy as the Connecting Point".

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2014
Thirtieth Workshop on Telecommunications – VITEL

On 12 and 13 May 2014, the 30th workshop on telecommunications with the working title Networks of the Future was organised at Brdo pri Kranju. The head of the Electric Power System Control and Operation Department, Mr. Andrej Souvent presented his paper entitled Smart Grids from the Aspect of System Integration. Since the smart grid technologies base on modern ICT, this field is very interesting from the aspect of ICT and offers many new business opportunities. Within the scope of the presented paper, emphasis was put on the standardisation framework which emerged on the initiative of the EC M/490 which enables a systematic approach to the integration of various systems and devices on the basis of open standards.

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2014
Developmental Tests on OH Power Lines Conductors

Tests of new OH wires produced by LUMPI – Berndorf Draht und Seilwerk have been implemented since the second half of January 2014 at the High Voltage Laboratory at the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute. The tests were procured by the Austrian system operator APG – Austrian Power Grid AG.

Noise and EMR emissions are becoming quite a major problem in integrating overhead lines in the environment. Transmission operators and OH equipment producers (mostly producers of wires and hanging materials) are well aware of this problem. Their efforts in the field of development are mostly focused on reducing these emissions.

Austrian producer of OH wires LUMPI – Berndorf Draht und Seilwerk has in cooperation with Austrian system operator APG – Austrian Power Grid AG performed tests of EMR and noise of nine newly developed types of OH wires at our High Voltage Laboratory.

Our laboratory has recognised similar developmental needs and offered users the possibility to test and develop new products. By purchasing the equipment for measuring radio-interference radiation and partial discharges as well as international accreditation of standard procedures according to IEC 612284, we have become one of the leading testing laboratories in the field of measurements and recognising corona on high voltage devices.

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2014
Signing the letter of intent of the industrial consortium – Slovenian industry is merging to cooperate in the Slovenian-Japanese smart communities project – 10 April 2014

In November 2012, the Japanese agencies NEDO and TIA (which is now a part of SPIRIT agency) on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS) and the JETNET association signed a cooperation agreement, based on which the Japanese prepared a pre-project study pursuant to discussions with Slovenian companies. This study presented the basic proposal for smart grids project. The main purpose of the Slovenian-Japanese smart communities project is to test new technologies in real environment and to acquire a local reference, representing the basis for launching the idea to foreign markets.

The consortium of companies, represented by technology businesses (Kolektor, Inea, Iskraemeco, Iskra Sistemi, Iskratel, Robotina, Smart-com) and research institutions (Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Maribor, Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute and Teces) signed the letter of intent on 10 April, thus merging with the aim to setup a harmonised and effective group of partners, who will be competent in agreeing with the appropriate Slovenian national institutions and the representatives of Japan in the preparation of frameworks, technologies and fields of work, project structuring and distribution of tasks and roles. Partners plan to actively cooperate in the Slovenian part of the joint Slovenian-Japanese project so that the technological contents are covered with competences and capacities of main Slovenian technological exporters and the operational plan of the Technological Smart Grid Platform as well as JETNET business strategy. The letter of intent determined the basic content of the project, which greatly bases on the operational plan of the national smart grid demonstrational project: Technological Platforms for Smart Grids.

EIMV, Ljubljana, April 2014
CIGRE D1.52 International Working Group Meeting – "Moisture Measurement in Insulating Fluids and Transformer Insulation - an Evaluation of Solid State Sensors and Chemical Methods"

The third meeting of the CIGRE D1.52 working group entitled Moisture Measurement in Insulating Fluids and Transformer Insulation – an Evaluation of Solid State Sensors and Chemical Methods was held at Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute on 17 and 18 March 2014, organised by the Physical-Chemical Transformer Diagnostics Deparment. It comprises 37 experts from 18 countries. The institute's representatives are Mr Tim Gradnik, Mrs Biljana Čuček and Mrs Maja Končan-Gradnik. At the meeting, participants discussed the results of the implemented inter-laboratory test programme, which comprised 19 laboratories that tested samples of various insulation oils and paper insulation. Within the scope of this group, capacity sensors of various producers and the absolute chemical method of determining oil moisture content by Karl Fischer, its measuring uncertainties, calibration issues and other knowledge, relevant for the users. The group's work will be concluded in 2016 with the issue of a technical catalogue. After the works were finished, the guests visited the laboratory for physical and chemical transformer diagnostics at EIMV.

EIMV, Ljubljana, March 2014

The Council of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute at its 10th regular meeting, held on Friday, 14 February 2014, unanimously appointed Dr Boris Žitnik, BSc in Elect. Eng., as the director of EIMV for the next four-year term of office. The new term of office will start on 1 April 2014.

EIMV, Ljubljana, February 2013

En.grids 2014

On 4 February 2014, the 5th En.grids 2014 conference on smart grids technological platform was organised (it was first organised in 2010). Mr Gregor Omahen, an associate of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, hosted the round table on the Slovenian-Japanese demonstration project involving smart grids, and he presented an expert paper on the concept of including active consumption in the grid. Mr Andrej Souvent, head of the Electric Power System Control and Operation Department, in cooperation with Mr Nejc Petrovič (Elektro Gorenjska, electric power distribution company) presented a paper entitled "General Strategy of the Integration of Electric Power Distribution Company Technical Systems".

Photo Gallery Click to view

EIMV, Ljubljana, february 2014
European Commission Adopted the Transitional National Plan of the Republic of Slovenia

The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, Environmental Department prepared the transitional national plans for Termoelektrarna Toplarna Ljubljana, d.o.o. and Termoelektrarna Trbovlje, d.o.o. (thermal power plants) in accordance with the requirements set by the Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions. The plans represent a part of the Transitional National Plan of the Republic of Slovenia, which also includes large heating devices of Vipap Videm Krško, d.d. company. The Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment sent this joint document to the European Commission, which adopted and confirmed it by issuing the Commission decision of 17 January 2014 on the notification by the Republic of Slovenia of a transitional national plan referred to in Article 32 of Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on industrial emissions. This sets the dynamics of the mentioned companies for reducing annual emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust in the period from 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2020 as the measure for improving external air quality and at the same time it enables gradual technological adjustments to more demanding environmental conditions for operations.

EIMV, Ljubljana, january 2014

New Year's Greetings

EIMV, Ljubljana, december 2013
HV Cable Testing

On 19 November 2013 the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute performed the first test of a 110 kV cable with 128 kV high alternate testing voltage at RTP Podvelka. Tests were performed in accordance with IEC 60840:2011 section 16.3 standard. The cable connects the Gas Insulated Substation with 110 kV substation. Based on this successfully performed pilot test, cable testing with resonance method can be upgraded to the highest voltages area.

EIMV, Ljubljana, november 2013

Successfully concluded 11th Höfler's Days

Successfully concluded 11th Höfler's Days More than 140 experts in the field of electric power industry and high voltage technology attended this year's traditional international symposium, i.e. the 11th Höfler's Days which took place on 7 and 8 November in Portorož.

This year's symposium focused on numerous current issues that are related to high voltage technology, whereas, special attention was dedicated to asset management.

We were very pleased with the number of participants and mostly with the fact that we were able to prepare a programme, where Slovenian and foreign lecturers and experts were equally represented, which confirms the fact that this is a highly distinguished international symposium that will also take place in the future.

EIMV, Ljubljana, november 2013
EMF ELF 2013 International Colloquium in Nara, Japan

The CIGRE 3rd International Colloquium on Electric and magnetic Fields at Extremely Low Frequencies (EMF-ELF-2013) was organised on 15 and 16 October 2013 in Nara, Japan, by CIGRE SC C3 and the CIGRE Japanese national committee. The newest scientific findings and practical experience in the field of assessment, biological effects, standards and regulations as well as public relations in relation to low frequency electromagnetic fields were presented at the Colloquium. Two representatives of the EIMV attended the Colloquium, i.e. Breda Cestnik, M.Sc., and Karol Grabner. EIMV and ELES presented the paper entitled Integration of detailed spatial data in the calculation and graphical presentation of E and B, which describes an advanced approach in modeling and the visualization of electromagnetic field of high voltage overhead power lines.

EIMV, Ljubljana, november 2013

On 7 and 8 November 2013, the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute is organising the 11th international symposium entitled Höfler's Days, which in the past mostly discussed the problems related to high voltage technology. This year we decided to expand this topic to technological issues and future challenges in this field. As in all symposiums that have been held so far, this year's symposium will be attended by many foreign experts and lecturers.

For more information about the programme and contents, please visit

EIMV, Ljubljana, oktober 2013

The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Institute is coordinating the participation of Slovenian experts and representatives of electric power industry as well as own researchers at the 18th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering, which will take place from 25 to 30 August 2013 in Seoul, South Korea ( Slovenian experts in the field of high voltage engineering have been attending this symposium since its beginnings in 1972. This world renowned symposium was also organised in Slovenia in 2007. The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Institute has been an active member of the International Steering Committee ever since it was entrusted with the organisation of the symposium in Ljubljana.
This time, our Institute will contribute to the invaluable exchange of experience about high voltage engineering, technological developmental problems related to high voltage equipment and materials. The conference will be attended by numerous esteemed international experts. New technical solutions and trends in the development of high voltage engineering will be presented. We wish that in the future our knowledge and services in this field will be upgraded, and that we will be able to extend the knowledge about new achievements, therefore, our recognition at such conferences presents a grand opportunity for us.

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2013
CIM User Group Spring Meeting 2013 in Ljubljana

International conference CIM User Group Spring Meeting 2013 The Common Information Model (CIM) in Transmission and Distribution: Leveraging the CIM Across the Enterprise took place between 11 and 14 June 2013 in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana. The conference was hosted by ELES and EIMV and organised by CIM User Group –organisation under the auspices of UCA International Users Group organisation with Liaison D status at IEC TC57, meaning that it contributes technical input and actively cooperates in working groups for the preparations of standards in this field. 90 participants attended the conference. Andrej Souvent from EIMV and Nejc Petrovič from Elektro Gorenjska together held a lecture entitled CIM Integration from Perspective of Slovenian DSO. The presentations of lectures are available at the conference's website.

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2013
11th Slovenian CIGRE and CIRED Conference

From 27 to 29 May 2013, the 11th Slovenian CIGRE and CIRED Conference took place in Laško. At this year's conference our researchers presented almost 50 expert papers. Please, find out more about the conference at (CIRED - CIGRE).

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2013
SCALAR – 15 years at your service

In the spring of 1997, the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Institute in cooperation with Elektro Slovenia setup the first Slovenian real-time lightning localization system. The system was based on three direction finding sensors. Each of them detected the electro-magnetic wave caused by a lightning discharge. Basically, it determined the detection parameters: direction, signal power and the number of return strokes. By applying the software provided by the Finnish Institute of Meteorology we were able to calculate the location of lightning discharge in real time.
In 1998 the system was upgraded to the new Slovenian automatic lightning location system (SCALAR), with two time-of-arrival LPATS III sensors.
Since at least four sensors are needed to correctly calculate the lightning location, we decided to join forces with the Austrian lightning location system ALDIS, with which we still cooperate.
Together with partners from Germany and Austria the European Cooperation for Lightning Detection (EUCLID) was established in 2000. It is based on the Internet data exchange. The network has been expanding and today, the EUCLID system covers the continental Europe with more than 150 sensors set from Sicily to North Cape.
In June, 15 years will have passed since the start of operation of the SCALAR system, which has been utilised in numerous areas of work since 1998 – in the field of electric power system, meteorology, railways and telecommunications, air traffic control and the insurance industry. We are glad that we have been able to develop and upgrade this system for all 15 years with all our loyal users.
We wish to further our knowledge and services in the future and that our efforts will reflect in the satisfaction of our esteemed users.

You can find more information about the SCALAR system at

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2013

Traditional electrical engineering symposium – EIS in Šibenik

The traditional electrical engineering symposium took place from 5 to 8 May 2013, where Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder presented a topic entitled “Searching for a new paradigm in processing the technical regulations indispensable to govern the design, construction, operation and maintenance of electric power system installations and plants.”
This lecture, which is also issued in the journal of all presented papers, Mr Babuder emphasised some selected issues regarding the drafting of technical regulations and standards in smaller countries of the European Union. The situation in the Republic of Slovenia is especially mentioned and commented. The presentation was intended for searching the new paradigm in systemic solutions with the goal to rapidly introduce new technical and technological solutions in the field of production, transmission and distribution of electric power.

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2013
New method for testing and locating damage on various insulations

At the High Department for High Voltage and Power Plants (OVNEL), the personnel introduced a new method for testing and locating damage on various insulations, which also refer to other fields of work besides electrical engineering, namely mechanical and building engineering. The method was successfully introduced at the beginning of this year and was intended for testing the insulation "from the external side" (in given case: steel wire insulation, otherwise testing the insulation of cisterns, pipelines, gas pipelines etc., where the internal – conducting side is grounded as opposed to the cases in electrical engineering).
The test is based on high voltage (0 to 50 kV) and high frequency (100 kHz), meaning that the insulation is not damaged, however, possible damage or abnormalities in insulation can be located.

EIMV, Ljubljana, April 2013
New Accreditation Certificate

In October 2012 EIMV Physical – Chemical Transformer Diagnostics Department received the initial inspection visit for surveillance of the accreditation by Slovenian Accreditation (SA). The audit ended with the positive result.
On 13of March 2013 Slovenian Accreditation granted Accreditation Certificate LP-102.
Scope can be found on the SA web site: .pdf document

Physical–Chemical Transformer Diagnostics Department on EIMV had been accredited by Dutch Accreditation RvA since 2001 to 2012.
According to EC 765/2008 Dutch Accreditation RvA transferred our accreditation L339 to Slovenian Accreditation (SA), which is a signatory of the Multilateral Agreements of the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation (ILAC) for calibration and testing.

EIMV, Ljubljana, April 2013
EIMV presents its operations in Japan

In the period from 5 to 8 March 2013, the Director, Dr Boris Žitnik, and Mr Gregor Omahen together with a 33-member delegation including the representatives of the Slovenian economy, especially in the field of advanced technologies, led by the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, visited Japan. Within the scope of our visit, we presented software solutions for smart grids. We also viewed the achievements of Japanese companies in the fields of smart houses and electric cars. We also used this visit to make contacts with local and Japanese companies, since we would like to combine Slovenian and Japanese competences in the field of smart grids and cooperate in a joint project.

EIMV, Ljubljana, March 2013

CIGRE A2.38 International Working Group Meeting – Transformer Thermal Modelling

At the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute the CIGRE A2.39 International Working Group meeting – Transformer Thermal Modelling was held from 25 to 27 February 2013. The meeting was organised by the Physical-chemical Transformer Diagnostics Department. The Group includes 22 experts from 18 countries; it was also attended by Mr Tim Gradnik from our Institute. The Group studies state-of-the-art methods for establishing the highest temperatures in high voltage energy transformers on the basis of the most contemporary calculation and measuring methods including the instalment of optical temperature sensors. The A2.38 Group is drafting a technical brochure in the field of thermal transformer modelling. After the conclusion of their work guests also visited the EIMV's high voltagelaboratory.

EIMV, Ljubljana, Februar 2013
DistribuTECH 2013

This year, we also attended one of the largest conferences in the field of electric power distribution in the USA, namely thy DistribuTECH 2013, which was organised in San Diego, California. Around 10,000 people attended the conference and 400 exhibitors cooperated at the fair. We also visited the San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) Company which supplies 1.4 million people with electricity and gas and also maintains the distribution and transmission grid in the area of San Diego. We visited their innovation centre and participated at a debate, where we exchanged our experience in the field of smart grids.

EIMV, Ljubljana, Januar 2013
The sponsors of a successful international project performed by the students of the University of Ljubljana at the competition in synthetic biology iGEM and the Knowledge for Development project

A team of students of the University of Ljubljana once again achieved exceptional success at the international competition in synthetic biology iGEM. At the conference, where 190 teams from all over the world cooperated, the Slovenian team took over the first three places in the field of Health and Medicine: for the best computer model and for the best website, and the second place in the final ranking.
The competition was organised by the renowned research organisation MIT from the USA.
The Slovenian team also included Boštjan PIRŠ, the son of one of our associates.
We are proud to be able to sponsor such successfully students and renowned project.

More about the project:

EIMV, Ljubljana, December 2012
PIES 2012

The 5th Consult on IT in the energy sector in Slovenia – PIES and also the second Business PIES were organised in Portorož. EIMV has cooperated for several years at the preparation of this consult, since it is also a sponsor and co-operator. This year, Gašper Lakota Jeriček presented his paper titled "IT Communications Technologies of the SUMO System", which was prepared together with Vladimir Djurica, Matija Naglič, dr. Janko Kosmač from EIMV and Jan Kostevec from ELES. At Business PIES, Andrej Souvent presented his paper titled "Integration of Systems and Standardised Data Exchange", and he also led a round table that was organised in connection with the mentioned subject.

EIMV, Ljubljana, November 2012

When Prof. Dr. Milan Vidmar founded the Electricity Supply Economy Institute in 1948, he especially emphasised the importance of the High-Voltage Laboratory (HVL). He explained that the basic tool in developing high-voltage devices is calculation tool, but each solution has to be tested and this has remained true to the present day. Strongly IT supported calculation methods, however, substitute tests, but quite some time will pass before they will completely substitute it.

The building on Jamova 20 street was built in 1962, and the Institute's high-voltage laboratory began to emerge there. In the first phase of its operations, it offered support to local electrical supply economy and the industry of high-voltage equipment, equipment tests were often implemented in order to prove their conformity with specific standards. Subsequently, the laboratory focused on diagnostic testing of equipment for the needs of maintenance, and finally also on the needs of establishing the equipment's working period.

The High-Voltage Laboratory disposes of sources for direct, alternating current and impulse voltage as well as impulse current source. The capacity of sources is appropriate for the implementation of standard dielectric tests of the majority of high-voltage elements of the electrical distribution system in Slovenia. They are also appropriate for testing sustainability, as well as for tests in special conditions. In some cases a limitation is set by the high-voltage part of the source, or sometimes also charging, which is restricted with regards to the capacity of network charging.

In all 50 years of its existence, the laboratory has cooperated at important international professional conferences and at the work of working groups of international professional organisations. The laboratory has been used for more than 40 years by the students of the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, at the subject High-Voltage Technology.
After a thorough renovation of the laboratory in 2005, the Institute continues to guarantee quality applied research and schooling of future researchers at the EIMV and in the Slovenian electric power industry.

EIMV, Ljubljana, November 2012
50th Anniversary of the Death of Prof. Dr. Milan Vidmar, Slovenian Academic

On 9 October, exactly 50 years ago, Slovenian scientist, publicist and chess player, academic Prof. Dr. Milan Vidmar, the founder of our institute, passed away. If you have not yet read his memoirs about his meeting with Nikola Tesla, you can read this exceptional abstract on the following site:

EIMV, Ljubljana, October 2012
Consult on electric power distribution network

The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute presented its work at the Consult on electric power distribution networks, organised by the CIRED national committee in Serbia. The consult took place from 24 to 28 September in Vrnjačka banja. The conference discussed the current topics in the field of electric power distribution, numerous companies and organisation also presented their work at exhibition stands. Our Institute focused on the presentation of the SCALAR system which also covers the Serbian area.

EIMV, Ljubljana, October 2012
Long Lasting Relation between Sound Physics and Music Emotion

In cooperation with the Slovenia IEEE section (SP-CAS committee), a lecture by Dr. Franc Policardi was organised on 6 September 2012. The lecture was titled: "Long Lasting Relation between Sound Physics and Music Emotion", and was followed by an excellent relaxed debate, formed by the interdisciplinary dimension of the public, since the lecture was attended by musicians, musicologists, physics, architects and electrical technicians.

EIMV, Ljubljana, September 2012
Invitation to a lecture

The EIMV in cooperation with the IEEE Slovenian section (SP-CAS Board) invites you to a lecture that will be held on Thursday, 6 September, at 15:00 in the conference room (1st floor) of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, Hajdrihova 2, Ljubljana. The lecture titled "The long lasting relation between sound physics and music emotions" will be presented in English language by Dr. Franc Policardi. Due to the limited space in the conference room, a preliminary application for attendance sent by mail to is required.

EIMV, Ljubljana, September 2012

The IEEE - IEEE PES GM 2012 annual meeting was held from 22 to 26 July 2012 in San Diego, California. This meeting presents one of the most significant world conferences in the field of electrical energy. The conference was also attended by Mr Dejan Matvoz, MSc, and Dr Miloš Maksić. They presented their paper titled "Comparison of Reactive Power Regulation Concepts of Distributed Generators in the Low Voltage Network".

EIMV, Ljubljana, August 2012
EURONOISE Conference in Prague

The 9th European Conference on Noise Management EURONOISE 2012 took place from 10 to 13 June 2012 in Prague. The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute actively participated with a paper by Igor Rozman, MSc, titled "Influence of National Legislation on Noise Descriptors".

Povezava: EURONOISE Praga

EIMV, Ljubljana, July 2012
Successful Vidmar's Day 2012

On 21 June 2012 we organized the Vidmar's Day 2012 symposium titled Present Views on the Sustainable Development of the Energy Supply Infrastructure. Besides EIMV, this year's symposium was also organised by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. We were very pleased with the large number of participants since 120 experts in the electric power industry responded to our invitation. Therefore, we would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to all spokespersons and participants.

Photo gallery of the event can be viewed here:

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2012
CIRED Workshop in Portugal

CIRED workshop "Integration of Renewables into the Distribution Grid" was organised from 29 to 30 May 2012 in Lisbon (Portugal), which was attended by Mr Gregor Omahen and Mr Tomaž Mohar, MSc. They presented their papers titled "Impact of the SmartGrids Concept on Future Distribution System Investments in Slovenia" (G. Omahen, J. Kosmač, A. Souvent (EIMV), B. Blažič, I. Papič (FE)) and "Technical and Economic Evaluations for Dispersed Generation Connection Point Determination" (T. Mohar, L. Valenčič (EIMV)). Conference papers and materials are available at EIMV's library.

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2012
INTSIKT 2012 Symposium in Tuzla

From 4 to 5 June 2012 the VIII IEEE Symposium on information communication technologies INTSIKT 2012 "Communications for Smart Systems" was held in Tuzla. Andrej Souvent and Matija Naglič presented their paper on the "Integration of the concepts of SmartHome and SmartGrids"


EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2012
CIGRE Colloquium in Dubrovnik

The international CIGRE Colloquium titled “Transformer Research and Asset Management” took place in Dubrovnik from 13 to 16 May 2012. It was successfully organised for the second time by the Croatian study committee CIGRE A2 in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering from Zagreb. 46 papers were presented at the colloquium discussing new materials and technologies, numerical modelling of transformers as well as strategic management and constant supervision of energy transformers. The colloquium was also attended by Mrs Čuček and Mr Gradnik of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute.

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2012
Vlado Djurica Hosted by Sora Radio Station

The Sora Radio in Slovenia hosted our researcher, Mr Vlado Djurica, who was interviewed mostly in connection with lightning. He provided a professional explanation on the emergence of lightning and how frequently sudden lightning occurs. Unfortunately, such lightning was fatal for a person who was walking across the Sora fields (Sorško polje). The recordings of the radio interview can be heard by clicking on:

Posnetek oddaje lahko poslušate na:

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2012
CIGRE Seminar “Overhead Cables”

Within the CIGRE B2 study committee that deals with the issues related to overhead cables and in the scope of the hosted CIGRE B2 consulting group “Electric Parameters of Overhead Cables”, one-day seminar was organised on 28 May in Bled, which dealt with the issues related to overhead cables. The seminar was attended by Slovenian and foreign experts who had the opportunity to exchange experience and upgrade their knowledge. Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder presented research work, implemented by the Electric Power Research Institute in this area.

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2012
CIM Users Group Meeting (Windsor/UK)

This spring, the annual CIM Users Group conference took place in Windsor. The conference was titled "CIM Implementation and Application to Support the European Smart Grid". The CIM Users Group association is involved in semantic modelling of the electric energy system and promotes the so called Common Information Model, data profiles, IT services and architecture that is standardised within the IEC technical committee TC57. Andrej Souvent, Gašper Lakota and Vlado Djurica attended the conference. The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute will organise the next meeting in June 2013 in Ljubljana.

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2012
CIGRE Colloquium in Sarajevo

From 13 to 16 May 2012, the international CIGRE Colloquium “Power Quality and Lightning” was organised in Sarajevo (BiH), where the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute actively cooperated with scientific papers. Prof. Maks Babuder who was also the member of the organisational board, held a lecture “The Application of the SCALAR Lightning Detection and Localization System Services in the Electric Power System Operation and Planning”. He also presided one of the theme discussions. Dr. Janko Kosmač, Vlado Djurica, Gašper Lakota, Goran Milev and Miha Bečan presented their scientific papers, where they mostly discussed the SCALAR system and the protection of overhead cables protection against lightning. At this occasion, we setup the second sensor in Rogatica, which will enable the expansion of the SCALAR system in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Link: CIGRE Colloquium in Sarajevo

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2012
23rd International Electrical Engineering Symposium “Josip Lončar Days”

On Monday, 7 May 2012, Prof Dr Maks Babuder, EIMV’s assistant director, participated at the 23rd International Electrical Engineering Symposium titled “Josip Lončar Days”, which is annually organised by the Zagreb Association for Electrical Technology. The organiser kindly invited Mr Babuder to hold a lecture titled Advanced Diagnosis of Critical Components of the Electric Power System as the influential Tool in the Asset Management. In the lecture he critically assessed modern diagnostic techniques and especially the comparison between online and offline approach, and by using specific examples, he explained the significance of food engineering practice for reliable establishment of situation and expected reliability of important devices in the electric power system.

EIMV, Ljubljana, maj 2012
Press Conference: Smart Grids Development Programme in Slovenia (distribution network)

On Tuesday, 8 May 2012, Dr Ivan Šmon, Prof Igor Papič and Mr Gregor Omahen presented the Smart Grids Development Programme in Slovenia and their significance for electric power distribution network as well as the Slovenian industry. The programme was prepared by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana and Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute. Media publications can be viewed in attachment.

.pdf: Finance, STA, Delo, Naš Stik
.pdf: Program razvoja pametnih omrežij v Sloveniji

EIMV, Ljubljana, may 2012

The Electrical Engineering Students European Association once again organised the annual JOBFAIR 2012. The fair is intended for companies, which establish contacts with future employees who are overwhelmed with ideas and enthusiasm, as well as for students who want to learn the potential of Slovenian companies.
The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute participated at the fair (7 May 2012) and presented its activities to the students. Two departments presented their work, namely the Electric Power Plants and Facilities Environmental Effects Department, which presented its application called “Strelec” (shooter) and the activities of the High Voltage Research Laboratory, and the Environmental Department with its interesting website Once again, the Institute was very pleased with the response and interest shown by the students.

More about the fair:

EIMV, Ljubljana, may 2012

On 27 and 28 February 2012, the High Voltage Department was being validated for the ISO 17025 system, the process included the validation of the existing system and its expansion to other areas of high voltage testing. The Department expanded its area of accredited measurements from the alternating voltage testing in dry environment to alternating voltage testing without limitations in dry environment, since the Department designed its own artificial rain device. The breakdown and direct high voltage testing methods have been added to the extended accreditation list, the expansion of the accreditation scope also includes two other testing methods. The first method is the partial discharges measurement; the second method is the measurement of radio interference voltage (RIV). Figure 1 presents the required iron construction that simulates the carrying pillar of the isolation chain. In this way the distances and operational conditions, which apply as the real situation when the isolator is operating, are completely reached. The mentioned construction is used in measuring the corona and RIV.

EIMV, Ljubljana, februar 2012

Within the scope of the documentary titled “Drive cheaper by car” Prof. Maks Babuder, PhD, spoke on the significance of electrical energy today and in the future in the “Preverjeno” TV show. The show can be viewed at: Preverjeno TV Show

EIMV, Ljubljana, February 2012

The biannual conference IEEE ELECTRICAL POWER QUALITY AND UTILIZATION (IEEE EPQU 2011) was organised in the period from 17 to 19 October 2011 in Lisbon, namely at the location of Feira Internacional de Lisboa, where Expo '98 was also organised. The conference was attended by EIMV members, Mr Dejan Matvoz, MSc, and Mr Miloš Maksić. Mr Matvoz, MSc, presented an article titled “A Practical Case of Ripple Control Signal Attenuation by the Local Passive Filtering Devices”.


EIMV, Ljubljana, October 2011

On 20 and 21 September 2011, the 6th International Workshop on Deregulated Electricity Market Issues in South-Eastern Europe (DEMSEE) took place in Bled, Slovenia, which was organised by the Laboratory of Electric Energy Supply and the Laboratory of Electricity Networks and Devices of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana. The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute cooperated as a sponsor, Dejan Matvoz, MSc, and Miloš Maksić presented two papers – Power Quality Connection Criteria for a 20 MW Photovoltaic Power Plant (authors: D. Matvoz, M. Miklavčič, M. Žumbar) and Impact Analysis of Network Reinforcements on Flicker Power Quality Levels (authors: M. Maksić and I. Papič).

EIMV, Ljubljana, September 2011
Cigré 2011 Bologna Symposium - The Electric Power System of the Future

The CIGRE 2011 Symposium titled The Electric Power System of the Future – Integrating supergrids and microgrids took place in Bologna from 13 to 15 September. Janko Kosmač, PhD, and Andrej Souvent presented their papers titled Vision of Smartgrids Implementation in Slovenia (authors: J. Kosmač, A. Souvent, G. Omahen, I. Papič) and Intelligent Platform for Supervision and Control of Distributed Generation and Customer Demands in Active Distribution Networks (authors: T. Pfajfar, A. Souvent, J. Smid, M. Sepic, M. Jerele, F. Katrašnik, I. Papič).


EIMV, Ljubljana, September 2011
17th ISH 2011 Symposium – Hannover

At the end of this month, namely from 22 to 26 August, the 17th ISH Symposium 2011 took place in Hannover, Germany. This is an important electric energy consult, which has been traditionally attended by the EIMV, which contributes many professional opinions thus enabling invaluable exchange of experience on high voltage technique, technological developmental problems related to high voltage equipment and materials. Let us also note that the 15th symposium took place in Slovenia, and was organised by the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute.

This year's symposium was attended by Prof. Maks Babuder, PhD, and Maja Končan Gradnik, MSc, who also hosted and co-hosted individual presentations.


Prof. Maks Babuder, PhD, also chaired the executive board of the international steering committee, which also includes professors M. Muhr from Austria, J. Smit from the Netherlands, G. Zhicheng from China and E. Gockenbach from Germany.

The next, 18th symposium will take place in Seoul, South Korea, the members of the symposium in Hannover decided that the 19th symposium will be organised in Czech Republic.

EIMV, Ljubljana, August 2011
17th International Conference on Dielectric Liquids – Trondheim

The 17th International Conference on Dielectric Liquids (ICDL) took place in Trondheim, Norway, from 26 to 30 June 2011, which focused on scientific and applied research of liquid insulation materials and diagnostic methods that are used in electric energy sector. The EIMV Institute presented a paper in the field of experimental analysis of solubility characteristics of different transformer oils (T. Gradnik, et al.: Experimental evaluation of water content determination in transformer oil by moisture sensor). Prof. Maks Babuder, PhD, as the member of the management board of the ICDL 2011 also accepted the organisation of the next ICDL 2014 conference, which will be held in June 2014 in Bled.

EIMV, Ljubljana, July 2011
Naš stik Web Portal

At the end of May, we activated the Naš stik web portal, where we will publish news from the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, so visit the following link:

EIMV, Ljubljana, July 2011

On 22 June 2011 the Slovenian national television broadcasted the “Omizje” TV show with the debate on the new National Energy Programme (NEP).

The show was attended by Zvonko Bregar, MSc, from the Energy and Power System Planning Department.

Mr Bregar presented the problems related to including random renewable sources and the reliability of electricity supply. The electricity production and consumption records of the Republic of Slovenia from 2000 show that in the period prior to the economic recession the reliability of electrical energy supply was insufficient.

A regulated electricity system is the condition for increasing the share of unstable renewable sources. Integrating such sources in the electricity system, which already insufficiently enables the supply of electricity, is inappropriate.

Slovenian annual records on electricity in the transmission systems from 2000 to 2010.

Auswirkungen des Kernkraftwerk-Moratoriums auf die Übertragungsnetze und die Versorgungssicherheit
Bericht der Bundesnetzagentur an das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (11. April 2011)

The show can be viewed at

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2011

The 10th Conference of the Slovenian Committee of Electric Power Engineers CIGRE – CIRED, top professional association, took place in Ljubljana from 30 May to 1 June 2011.

The associates of the Milan Vidmar Institute presented more than 30 papers, which can be viewed at

The aim of cooperation with CIGRE – CIRED is the development of technical know-how, exchange of experience and information between experts who are active in the field of high voltage power systems, and professional electricity distributers. The guidelines of the association play an important role in the field of developing equipment, as well as in the operations, development and maintenance of electricity systems.

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2011

The 2nd International Conference on Electric and Magnetic Fields at Extremely Low Frequencies was organised on 23 and 25 March 2011 in Paris. It was attended by EIMV Institute's associates Breda Cestnik, MSc, and Karol Grabner. Various practices and the technology in the field of research, measurements, calculations, modelling and reducing electric and magnetic fields, which are the consequence of operations of above ground electricity lines, cables and other electricity objects, were presented at the conference.

EIMV, Ljubljana, April 2011
PIES 2010

Between November 24 – 26, 2010, a Congress was held at Fiesa, Slovenia, organised by the Slovenian IT Professionals acting in the field of Electric Power Engineering, i.e. 2010 PIES ( The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute of Ljubljana organised for this event a Section addressing the field of Smart Grids. The introductory lecture to the Congress, which was presided by the Institute’s associate Andrej Souvent, was delivered by Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder. Within the frame of the Section, a Panel Discussion was organised on Interoperability of Information Systems in Smart Grids. The Institute’s associate, Dr. Janko Kosmač, presented his views on the topic. The Panel Discussion was moderated by Andrej Souvent.

EIMV, Ljubljana, December 2010
External Auditing of the Institute’s Quality Management System to confirm its compliance with ISO 9001:2008(with development)

On October 26,2010 a re-auditing - the second in its turn - took place at the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute of Ljubljana. The aim was to confirm compliance of the Institute’s Quality Management System with specifications of the ISO 9001:2008 standard (with development). The re-auditing results were assessed positively with a particular emphasize being laid on the high competence level of the Institute’s personnel, efficiency of the system enabling internal audits and surveyable and efficient implementation of the Project Quality-management Plan.

The adopted and carefully maintained Quality Management System is being persistently adhered to by the Institute’s personnel thus providing the basis towards continuous improvement and development of the Institute’s activities and assurance of its customer satisfaction.

EIMV, Ljubljana, November 2010
2010 Höfler’s Days

The traditional international three-enal Höfler’s Days - the tenth in their turn - were this time organised between November 11-12, 2010 at the Bernardin Grand Hotel at Portorož.

The title of the 2010 reunion of the Electric Power Engineers was “High-voltage Equipment and Facilities in View of Environmental Impacts and Operational Reliability”.

To find more on the Symposium, please visit our web site

EIMV, Ljubljana, September 2010
Mag. Maja Končan-Gradnik – recipient of the distinguished CIGRÉ award

In the period from June 8 -11, 2010, the Slovenian National CIGRÉ Committee organised at Bled, Slovenia, a Working Meeting of the International Technical CIGRÉ Paris whose members are Presidents of the International Study Committees and of the Presidential Board of the International CIGRÉ Paris. At the end of the Bled Session, some of the members of the CIGRÉ Committee were presented the CIGRÉ Paris Award for 2010 in recognition of their merits. The "Distinguished member of CIGRÉ" award was delivered also to our associate Mag. Maja Končan-Gradnik in appreciation of her many years lasting efficient work in the International Study Committee D1 (for the area of materials and developing testing techniques in the systems) and in the CIGRÉ Working Groups as well as for her active involvement with the work of the CIGRÉ National Committee.

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2010

The International Conference on Harmonisation of Atmospheric Dispersion Models Used for Legislative Purposes, which was held in the period June 1- 4, 2010 in Paris, was attended by two associates of the Institute’s Environmental Department, Mag. Rudi VONČINA and Matic IVANČIČ. Matic IVANČIČ was a co-author of the paper “Comparison of different dispersion modelling approaches in a complex terrain” written by Dr. Rahela ŽABKAR, Dr. Jože RAKOVEC and Marko RUS, associates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana. Modelling of air-pollutant dispersion is an important tool used in assessment of impacts of human activities on air quality. It enables detection of pollutant air dispersion and movement at a high spatial and time resolution. The paper provides a comparison between the various Lagrange dispersion models.

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2010

From 1982 onwards, the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute has been organising - every two or three years - the Vidmar’s Day. At this, now already traditional reunion of electric power engineers, the Vidmar’s Medal is being presented to individual professionals and organisations active in the numerous fields of the Electricity Supply Industry for their current outstanding achievements contributed to the notable advancement of the power engineering profession or for their efficiently accomplished work. The professional part of the 2010 Vidmar’s Days - which was proceeding under the title”Cross-roads of the Slovenian Electricity Distribution in the Light of Implementation of Environmental Targets Regarding Renewable Energy Sources” - was due to its important open issues found very interesting by over 160 attendants of the event.

Since the first Vidmar’s Day, there have been altogether 70 medals awarded to 27 organisations and 43 individuals. Looking backwards, one can see that the initiative has been well accepted. The 2010 individual recipients of the Vidmar’s Medal are Mr. Marjan Pezdirc, Dr. Zvonko Toroš and Mr. Mitja Vidmar. The Medal granted to Elektro-Slovenija (Slovenian Electricity Distribution Utility) was taken over by Mag. Milan Jevšenak and the one granted to Savske elektrarne (Sava-river hydro-power plants) by Mr. Albin Koršič. The Medals were presented to their recipients by the Institute’s Director, Dr. Boris Žitnik, and Chairman of the Milan Vidmar Medal-awarding Committee, Prof.Dr. Maks Babuder.
Od leta 1982 do danes je bilo podeljenih skupno 70 plaket, od teh 27 organizacijam in 43 posameznikom. Pogled nazaj kaže, da je bila pobuda dobro sprejeta in tako so letos plakete prejeli: gospod Marjan Pezdirc, dr. Zvonko Toroš in gospod Mitja Vidmar, v imenu podjetja Elektro-Slovenija, d.o.o. je nagrado prevzel mag. Milan Jevšenak, za Savske elektrarne Ljubljana, d.o.o. pa g. Albin Koršič. Plakete sta podelila direktor, dr. Boris Žitnik in predsednik Komisije za podeljevanje Vidmarjevih plaket, prof.dr. Maks Babuder.

In the professional part of the event, the Institute’s Director, Dr. Boris Žitnik, in his introductory paper entitled “Global Trends and Environmental Commitments” presented his views on development of Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Sources and on implementation of the set environmental goals. To follow were Dr. Franc Žlahtič (Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Slovenia) with a lecture on »Environmental Commitments and Measures Undertaken by the Republic of Slovenia”, Irena Praček (Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Energy - JARSE) »Allocation of the Network Fee under Pressure of Implementation of Adopted Environmental Commitments”, Mag. Zvonko Bregar (Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute) »Renewable Energy Sources«, Mag. Dejan Matvoz (Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute) » SmartGrids Concept – Do we know what they are?«, Andrej Souvent (Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute) »Consumer Services in the SmartGrids Concept« and Gregor Omahen (Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute) »Economic Aspects of Implementation of Environmental Commitments«.

EIMV, Ljubljana, June 2010
A Visit to the San Piero Nuclear Research Group of the University of Pisa, Italy (GRNSPG Università di Pisa)

In May this year, the Head of the Institutes Environmental Department, Mag. Rudi Vončina, paid a visit to GRNSPG (Gruppo di Ricerca Nucleare San Piero a Grado) in Pisa which was founded in 2003 and is acting under the patronage of the University of Pisa.
The Head of the San Piero Nuclear Research Group, Prof. Dr. Francesco D'AURIA, presented to our associate some of the important projects the work of the Group is involved with. The Group - consisting of forty members - has distinguished itself for being one of the leading research groups worldwide in the area of Nuclear Power Plant Risk Analysis and Management. The experts of the Group are members of a number of international organisations, such as European Commission, OECD/NEA, IAEA, ANSALDO, CEA, EDF, IRSN, AREVA NP, OKB-GIDROPRESS, GRS, etc.
Upon the introductory presentation of the Group commitments, Dr. Nikolaus MÜLLNER provided details of their Training Program, fields of their expertise and their international references and connections having been established over the years of their existence.

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2010
2010 EIS

Between May 2 – 5, 2010, the 20th International Symposium, the Days of Josip Lončar, were organised in Šibenik, Croatia. At this traditional event, several internationally acknowledged specialists provided their views on various currently interesting topics. Their special emphasize was laid on power engineering. The three papers contributed to the Symposium by the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute of Ljubljana addressed the current issues being copped with in the area of power transmission and modern illumination devices used in the electric power system. Besides presenting their papers, the Symposium participants also took part in efficient discussion on the current pending issues concerning the electricity supply industry.

EIMV, Ljubljana, May 2010
ISH 2009 - Cape Town

During August 24 - 28, 2009, Cape Town, South Africa, was hosting the 16th ISH. This largest symposium of specialists, whose work is committed to the area of the high-voltage technique, was two years ago successfully organized by us in Ljubljana. The 2009 ISH was attended by the representatives of our Institute and ELES, the national Power Distribution Utility. We altogether contributed six papers. The Symposium was a precious opportunity for various discussions and exchange of experiences among specialists coming from all parts of the world. The most important role of the Symposium was this time assigned to the President of the Steering Committee, prof. dr. Maks Babuder, who performed it excellently. The next ISH Symposium, the 17th in turn, will take place in 2011 in Hannover, Germany, and the 18th in Seul, South Korea, in 2013.

For more information, you are invited to visit our

EIMV, Ljubljana, september 2009
My Transfo Meeting 2008 My Trasfo Meeting 2008, the fourth European edition, is the International point of reference for the exchangeof know-how and experiences on the management of fleets of transformers with insulating fluids. The 2008 edition, took place in Turin on 17th and 18 December. Among the main topics which included Causes, effects and countermeasures for the presence of water in the fluid and the equipment; Corrosive sulfur phenomenon; Thermal life of electrical equipment and Technological evolution of the new generation oils. Mr. Tim Gradnik presented a lecture on topic of Thermal modeling and life estimation of power transformers. The presentation is available for download here.

EIMV, Ljubljana, december 2008
Students' good response to the Jobfair event

In the days from Nov. 26 - 29 this year there was the first fair of the series "Job Fair" held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana. The goal of the fair was to present to students and graduates from various natural science faculties work of organisations active in different technical fields. Among the thirteen organisations presenting themselves, one of them was also the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute. The students and graduates, who showed great interest in the fair, were given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the work conducted at the Institute both in general and specifically over the various fields of the Institute's activities, to learn more about our Scalar and Strelec lightning stroke detection systems and to visit our High-voltage Laboratory were they attended some of the basic high-voltage measurements and tests. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm with which they listened to our presentations, examined the Laboratory and raised questions.

EIMV, Ljubljana, December 2007
Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute recepient of the ELES's Great Blue Award

At the ELES's business-social meeting held at the Grand Union hotel in Ljubljana on November 20th this year, the Managing Director of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, Prof. Dr. Maks Babuder, received in the name of the Institute the ELES's Great Blue Award in recognition of the Institute's many years lasting efficient participation in solving the important ELES's development and investment projects with a particular emphasize being laid on the quality solutions accomplished in the recent years.

EIMV, Ljubljana, November 2007