3rd Slovenian Conference on the Maintenance of Electric Power Facilities (distribution, transmission, production)

The third conference on maintaining electric power facilities was held in Nova Gorica and was attended by 150 experts. For the first time, the topic of electric power production has also been included on the agenda.

The maintenance topic was discussed in five sets:

  • Technical regulations, standards, impacts on the quality of electric energy
  • Maintenance systems, strategic maintenance, maintenance optimisation
  • The problems related to maintenance in electric power plants
  • The maintenance of the HV network, overhead power lines and transformer stations (110 kV, 220 kV, 400 kV)
  • The maintenance of distribution network elements (to 45 kV)

Three papers were presented by the EIMV experts.

More info about the conference: kliknite tukaj

November 2016
A new method at the High Voltage Department

This year a new, very demanding testing method for the control of mineral transformer oils was introduced at the High Voltage Department.
This method involves the Partial Discharge Inception Voltage (PDIV) according to IEC 61294, which has been extended with measurements of some additional parameters for scientific and research purposes.

The measurement cell was produced in a Slovenian company according to the designs made by our engineers. The core element of the cell is the upper electrode – a pin with 1 mm diameter and a specifically determined point radius (3 µm), which must be replaced after each measurement. The pins are supplied by the Ogura Jewel Industry from Japan.

The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute has therefore become one of the rare global companies that implements this methods with the newest and modern equipment (no other institute is involved in such research in Europe).

November 2016
10th Jubilee Conference on Electricity Distribution CIRED Serbia

The 10th Jubilee Conference on Electricity Distribution CIRED Serbia is currently taking place in Vrnjačka Banja with regional contribution. EIMV is also attending the event by exhibiting and presenting our services, where emphasis is put on the SCALAR system that is also used in the territory of Serbia.

September 2016

The CIGRE Session, which is traditionally organised every two years, was held from 21 to 26 August 2016 in Paris. It was attended by approximately 3200 professional from all over the world. The event was also attended by experts from Slovenia. The representatives of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute were the director, Dr Boris Žitnik and Prof Maks Babuder, as well as Maja Končan-Gradnik, MSc, Biljana Čuček, MSc, Breda Cestnik, Tim Gradnik, Igor Rozman, MSc, Miha Bečan and  Dr Stane Vižintin. Within the scope of the SC B2 programme, the following papers were presented:

  - B2-301  "Innovation-Section: Test-run for uprating a 220 kV OHL to 380 kV using insulated cross-arms and coated conductors" by Maks Babuder, Stane Vižintin and seven foreign authors;
- B2-313  "Corona noise comparison of the standard and surface treated conductors obtained with monitoring of the newly erected 400 kV line and with corona testing in high-voltage laboratory" by Igor Rozman, Miha Bečan, Maks Babuder, Borut Vertačnik.

  Besides presenting papers, the conference also featured work within the scope of various professional bodies. Tim Gradnik was appointed secretary of the SC A2 and the EIMV was appointed for the organisation of the international SC C4 colloquium "Lighting and Power Systems" in 2017 in Slovenia.

September 2016
20th Memorial dedicated to Prof Dr Milan Vidmar in Bled

From 24 June and 4 July 2016, Slovenian Chess Association organises the traditional international chess tournament – the 20th memorial dedicated to Prof Dr Milan Vidmar. The tournament is taking place in Grand Hotel Toplice in Bled, where the world's most renowned chess players competed in the past, including Aljehin, Smislov, Talj, Petrosjan, Fischer and Kasparov.

Ten very strong masters of chess responded to participate at this memorial, dedicated to Prof Dr Milan Vidmar, a scientist and world renowned chess player. These great players include Luka Lenič from Domžale, Jure Borišek, Aleksander Beljavski, Matej Šebenik and Jure Škoberne. The memorial will also be attended by Zdenko Kožul (Croatia), Ivan Ivaniševič (Serbia), Andrei Volokitin (Ukraine), Arkadij Naiditsch (Azerbaijan) and Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (Germany). All mentioned chess players are grandmasters of chess.  

The president of the organisational board and the honourable president of the Slovenian Chess Association, Milan Kneževič, emphasised at the press conference, that after ten years, the Slovenian Chess Association once again organised a very strong tournament in the memory of Milan Vidmar. This is not only a grand chess but also a sport event that will also attract a lot of attention abroad. He described the personality of Prof Dr Milan Vidmar who was not only a great chess player and scientist, but also a judge at major world competitions such as chess Olympics in 1950 in Dubrovnik. He also judged the first post-war duel for the title of world chess champion in 1948 in Moscow. Prof Dr Vidmar was also the initiator of the establishment of the Yugoslav Chess Association in 1929 and the Slovenian Chess Associaiton in 1935.  

The Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute is proud of collaborating at this great chess event.

June 2016
3rd Electric Energy Basketball Tournament 2016

The ŠKUD Elektroinštitut association this year once again successfully organised the basketball tournament that has been established as a traditional tournament, attended by various electric energy companies. It was organised under the title the 3rd Electric Energy Tournament – Škofljica 2016. 

The following teams made it to the finals:

ŠD ELES, ŠD Elektro Celje, ŠD KOLEKTOR ETRA, ŠD Elektro Ljubljana and ŠKUD Elektroinštitut.

For the third year in a row, the ŠD ELES team convincingly won. We would also like to thank other participants, especially teams ŠD Elektro Celje, which made it to the second place despite the fact that the team was not complete, ŠD Elektro Ljubljana for their unselfishness and ŠD KOLEKTOR ETRA for their determination and fair play. Despite the fact that ŠKUD Elektroinštitut ranked last, we can point out that our colleague Gregor Omahen won first place in three-point shots.  The best player of the tournament was Aljaž Pavlič from ŠD ELES team.

Final rankings:

2. ŠD Elektro Celje
3. ŠD Elektro Ljubljana
4. ŠD Kolektor ETRA
5. ŠKUD Elektroinštitut

We want to thank all participants for joining the tournament and congratulate them for professionally played games.

June 2016

On 7 and 8 June 2016 the first regional SEERC Power Conference merging the economic, academic and industrial sections of electric power sector in Central and SE Europe was held in Portorož. It was organised by the Slovenian Electric Power Experts Association and the national CIGRE committee. The experts from the EIMV also actively participated at the conference, its organisation and lectures. The first conference day was intended for educational discussions and selected topics by countries with regard to the system challenges until 2030. The emphasis at discussions was also put on energy and environmental strategy in the region and new scientific findings with a focus on energy policies, energy strategical programmes for green strategies, new scientific methodology and new projects in the region.

On the second day the attendants heard more than 100 selected papers presenting novelties in this sector. At the conclusion of the conference, decisions and instructions for further activities in the region were adopted and the coordination of the next SEERC conference that will be held in May 2018 in Ukraine was handed over to the next organiser. More about the conference:

More about the conference:

June 2016

Kotnik Days 2016

The 37th Kotnik Days were held in Radenci on 24 and 25 March 2016. The event was dedicated to power electric technology and modern installation training intended for electric energy experts in the field of maintenance, design and investment activity. This year, novelties in alternative electric energy sources and their inclusion in electric energy systems, new SIST standards in electrical installations, efficient use of intelligent electrical installations, experience of investors, the use and impacts of LED illumination on electrical installations, work under voltage on low voltage installations as well as maintenance, ecology in electric energy sector and environmental impacts were presented.

Our colleague, Dejan Matvoz, MSc, also cooperated at the event by presenting his paper “Modifications and supplementations of the instruction for connecting and operating power plants with installed electric power to 10 MW”.

March 2016
Rehabilitated impulse voltage generator

The High Voltage Laboratory successfully implemented the rehabilitation and testing of the impulse voltage generator. It conducted construction changes and installed new filling condensers. The generator is now able to create voltage impulses:

  • atmospheric impulse voltage 1,2/50 µs: 1.8 MV
  • switching impulse voltage 250/2500 µs: 1.2 MV

In this way we can test devices fro 400 kV level with alternate and impulse voltage, which has not been possible so far.

February 2016
EIMV participates in two EU projects under the Horizon 2020 framework programme

At the end of January kick-off meetings of two projects under Horizon 2020 were held, in which as a member of a consortium also participates EIMV. The projects were started at January 1st 2016 and are due to take 48 months.

In the scope of the project »FutureFlow - Designing eTrading Solutions for Electricity Balancing and Redispatching in Europe« an e-trading platform for cross-border utilization of ancillary services (such as aFRR, mFRR, RR) will be designed, implemented and pilot tested. Utilization of demand response for the aFRR ancillary service will also be explored and tested. More information: FUTUREFLOW-PR.pdf

The project MIGRATE »Massive InteGRATion of power Electronic devices« copes with the problems of the future power system where a vast of generation will be connected to the system using power electronics. This fact raises a lot of issues regarding problems with the lack of system inertia that is needed to guarantee the necessary frequency stability at 50 Hz, the lack of short-circuit capacity, power quality problems, etc. More information: MIGRATE-PR.pdf

January 2016